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Top 10 Winter Cars for 2010

Even if we are in March in many parts of the globe snow is still present and makes the life hard for some drivers. We’ve waited for spring to drag a line and see which cars were the best winter cars for 2010. You’d say all of them are SUV’s? That’s what we


thought too!  After some wide research we found out that you don’t need to have an expensive 4×4 car to pass the winter without accidents.

Top 10 winter cars of 2010 according to Car-Addicts.com:

Suzuki SX4 Crossover is the car we chose to be on #10 a glorious family car that comes with three mode all-wheel drive. The taller cabin and lower stance of this winter car is particularly entertaining and what we considered to be the most attractive car for commutations.

Next on #9 is the Mini Cooper S, one of the best-handling compact cars we’ve ever seen! Acceleration is surprisingly good and the steering is quick and direct.

Definitely a car that proves that sometimes smaller is better! It comes with front wheel drive and this dark horse is light in weight. All season traction system and dynamic stability system are the other features that made us include this car in our Top 10.

Next post, the #8 position is for Mercedes Benz E5504matic. The E class Mercedeshas brought once again a truly much spacious and graceful model, the E5504 matic. It is available with all-wheel drive option. This car is a machine of elegance, from the fantastic multi-function LCD instrument panel to the climate control buttons, it has an aura of quality and sophistication The V-8 engine with the 4×4 option will handle even the toughest winter conditions with surprising ease.
Our next car in top 10 is the Ford Flex. This car takes the #7 position and again, it comes with all-wheel drives. Ford Flex is somehow a “weird looking” car but many fans said it couldn’t miss from this review. The hiked up ground clearance and knobby tires do not allow to shout it as a winter car but when we’ve tested it we were amazed on how good it stays on the road. This funky wagon has an amazing traction on proper roads! Good job Ford for this amazing car!

Subaru WRX comes next on #6. This rally car does not just work great on sand dunes and mountain roads, it does even better on snow! It comes with all-wheel drive and we belive that is not even possible to compare WRX with any of the other Subie`s. This mad car makes the trip unforgettable when it jumps through the frost heaps.
On #5 we have the Saab Turbo X. All the winter car features are naturally attached since these are Saabs. We don’t have more to say! It is also available in the all-wheel drives. The pretty and fun are well known from its first drive itself. The limited-run Turbo X has a terrific performance history.
On #4we have the latest BMW 535Xi Sports Wagon! This ultimate winter driving vehicle is an incredible asset from the german manufacturer BMW. For a driver who wants a winter car to test his enthusiastic ideas, the BMW 535Xi is simply excellent. Engaging drive, excellent traction and ofcourse, the spacious cabin are its features.
Volvo XC70For our top 3 we stood in our meeting room and argued for a while…what winter cars to chose for the first 3 positions? Well, in the end we all agreed that our #3 could come from Volvo, a brand the we don’t see too often: they don’t really do luxury cars or appear in the spotlight but when it comes to winter the latest model is definitely the Volvo XC70. This car is simply a winter champion which provides stable and confident driving for any driver, amateur or pro.

On #2 we had to pick another model from Subaru, the Subaru Outback. We found out that it was chosen a great winter car by many well experienced riders. The unfavorable weather driving confidence and larger-ground clearance make from the Subaru Outback the perfect vehicle for any type of roads and conditions. This car will leave big marks in the snow and, as a sumo wrestler, will stick to the road and move only if the driver really wants that!

2009 Audi A4 3.2 Quattro 1

Here we are at the end of this review and really hope you’ve enjoyed it. The conclusion is that the SUV’s are meant for “Off-road” and safety and so on, but when it comes to stability and winter conditions we chose to drive the smaller cars.

We sure had fun arguing for this article and let us say that the #1 best winter car for 2010 chosen by car-addicts.com has to be the new Audi A4 3.2 Quattro. A car for witch we hope to be able to make a separate test drive in the near future. Even if you could like this car more for the sport touch combined with luxury, we believe that it is the super star among winter cars.























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