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People’s Choice: Fiat Stilo by John

The new section of articles written by car-addict.com fans has its first article. You can do the same and we even encourage you to share your experience. If you want your article on the site? Go here !

This first article is written by John Holuta, a fan from Romania, about his car, a Fiat Stilo hatchback bought in the U.K. Here are some technical data about his car: Fiat Stilo, 1.6 petrol, Manufacturing: 2003, Transmission: Manual 6 speed gearbox, Power: 105 ps (77 kW), Displacement: 1600 cm ³,  Euro4, additional equipment : ABS, SRS, power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, traction control, airbags, servo direction, esp. 6 airbags, servo steering CITY, glove box store, adjustable seats, audio system.

There are many people who are highly critical of the Stilo, but I think it is a superb car which strikes a perfect balance between maturity and fun, and offers the best value for money in its sector. The Stilo is a delight to drive and puts a great deal of pleasure back into motoring. Despite speculation, Fiat Stilo remains for me a reliable car, high performance, economical, beautiful, easy to drive, equipped with techniques of modern self. I bought this car in August 2009 in London and up to present we have not changed even a car part, comfort is quite high and quiet sound of motoring offers a real pleasure to drive on difficult roads from Romania. I easily adjusted traffic with right hand drive, increased caution in overtaking car also offers facilities for pleasure and safety of the sofa regardless of wheel location. To put it simply, the Stilo is a beauty  to drive. That’s modern technology for you. In every way it feels like a big car, and a very sporty one at that. It’s quiet and refined but gives a hugely entertaining and punchy ride and the roadholding on bendy roads is the best I have ever experienced in my years of driving many different makes and models. There is also a feature called electronic  traction control which is supposed to correct the wheels if the car starts spinning out of control. I haven’t tested this feature, and don’t wish to, so let’s just assume that it works.

From my own experience, not quoting others, I think Stilo is a good car, with acceptable maintenance costs, an attractive design and comfort, a hatchback model can be quite useful for the whole family. The Stilo’s on-board computer  is a whole story in itself – it knows the day of the week, knows which door is open, knows when a service is due, lets you set a maximum speed, works out your fuel economy and gives so many custom options that it would bore you if I listed them all. The only drawback that I have on that car is an error to computer board (air bag warning that is inactive), I met the owners of Fiat forum and complain the same problem, but a service can resolve it.


  1. Nice description of the car. Its good to see a boy from Romania writing here on this site. Good Lock John!!!

  2. You guys ‘tf, where did you get the pictures from? hai6.net or cocalari.com?

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