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Brand Keys Study: Jeep is the most “patriotic” brand

A study conducted in the USA revealed that the Jeep brand is the most “patriotic” American brand. The second car manufacturer in the study was Ford, ranked No. 16.

Brand Keys ranks Top Patriotic Brands Jeep

Jeep is the most patriotic American brand

Jeep defeated powerful brands like Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss, Harley-Davidson and Disney in a Top 25 of the most “patriotic” U.S. brand. The study was conducted on a sample of 4,500 consumers and the operators came from the Brand Keys company from New York, on 197 famous brand names in 35 categories.

Brand Keys ranks Top Patriotic Brands

The results were published on July 4th, when the Americans were patriotic in spirit. Chrysler Group’s Jeep brand managed to surprise the producers of the study trough the result obtained, Jeep outranked companies like Ford and General Motors.

Jeep received 98 points out of 100, surpassing other American brands known throughout the world. Ford only got 16th place in the study with 86 points, surpassed by Harley-Davidson. No other automotive manufacturer has entered the Top 25. Brand Keys Study included top clothing manufacturers, tobacco, lighters, chocolate, tools, weapons and other companies.

“When a brand is seen as patriotic, this feature is deeply rooted in the brand’s character. You can’t add it through any advertising and can’t just simply eliminate it. It’s about the perceived value, which may be perceived to either at a deep emotional level or at a more pragmatic level,” explains Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys.

Top 25 American Patriotic Brands

No Brand %
1 Jeep 98
2 Hershey’s 97
3 Coca-Cola 97
4 Levi Strauss 95
5 Walt Disney 95
6 Colgate 94
7 Zippo 93
8 Wrigley’s 92
9 Ralph Lauren 91
10 Kodak 90
11 Gilette 90
12 New Balance 89
13 Harley-Davidson 89
14 Budweiser 88
15 Marlboro 88
16 Ford 86
17 Louisville Slugger 85
18 Smith&Wesson 85
19 General Electric 84
20 John Deere 82
21 L.L Bean 82
22 Walmart 81
23 Craftsman Tools 80
24 Wilson Sporting Goods 80
25 Wrangler apparel 80

Top 25 patriotic brands via Brand Keys



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