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Top 3 Van Motability vehicles

Choosing the vehicle you would like to lease under the Motability scheme can be tricky. Ultimately, your needs will be defined on how many seats you require, any necessity for wheelchair access, and monthly cost – since the PIP was integrated, Motability has been clearer than ever, and so long as you receive the “enhanced” component payments you are eligible. ...

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Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 release date December 6th – Official trailer and Full info

Gran Turismo 6 comes with a list of 1200 cars and 100 circuit configurations. These are the most important figures of the racing simulator designed by Kazunori Yamauchi, promising to be the most spectacular and realistic car video game ever created. Great news for the car video games fans. Polyphony Digital, creators of the beloved video game Gran Turismo, officially ...

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The most Popular Heist Getaway Vehicles

What is the best vehicle to conduct a heist? The getaway vehicle is not only important because it’s used when escaping from the heist venue or the police, but also it has to look good and have enough space for the getaway goods. Whether you’re conducting a dramatic casino heist such as in Ocean’s Eleven, or robbing bank or jewellers, ...

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Top 10 Legendary Cars

What exactly is an automotive legend? Tough question. Many car-addicts.com users elected from a poll of their own personal Top 10 legends from the recent automotive history, to a period from World War II until today. The result is an exciting collection of truly legendary cars from around the world. It is often spoken in car magazines from legendary cars ...

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Feature: The most dangerous roads in the world

After the most complicated intersections in the world article, it is time for another featured article regarding this time the most dangerous roads in the world. Being a driver is not the easiest task in the world and neither without risks. Not so much that handling a vehicle would be too difficult or would require higher capacities. Risks come mainly ...

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