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Car Stories: The First Crossing of America by Car

Nowadays, traveling by car is a common thing and it is no longer getting anyone nervous. Over a hundred years ago, however, this was an adventure. Here is the story of the first crossing of the North American continent at the steering wheel of a car. The year is 1908. The car was a new invention, a mechanical curiosity, and ...

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10 Features that Will Be Removed from Future Cars

The car evolves. New systems appear and the old ones that have become archaic disappear. Like it or not, in the future we will not have some elements that we got used to. Today’s car is the conglomeration of electronics designed to make life easier for the driver and their passengers. Automakers are constantly innovating and something new always appears. ...

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Ford Focus ST Mountune Review

Since it went on sale earlier this year, the Focus ST has enjoyed favourable reviews from all those who have driven it.  The slick 6-speed manual gearbox is a joy to use, the chassis and suspension work together to create an incredibly flexible ride, and the 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine is a revelation, offering the fun of a high revving ...

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The secrets of the best Auto Photographers in the world (1): Nate Hassler

We start today a series of articles about the best auto photographers. We like cars. A lot! Because if we wouldn’t love them, we wouldn’t be out here. We all had a wallpaper, a poster or a photo of a supercar that we’ve admired for hours or decorated the walls of the childhood room. Even today, a good photo of ...

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Drivers’ habits reveal common bugbears on the road

We all have our peeves when we’re driving, especially when it comes to what other motorists are doing. We drive in the hope that we get to our destination without a hitch, but even if we’re careful to avoid being caught up in something that makes it a little problematic, other drivers’ carelessness and lack of driving etiquette could ruin ...

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