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The Terminator’s Bike Ramps up Harley Museum

“I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.” Was there ever such a statement made with more coldly calculating robotic menace? If there was it hasn’t been captured in the movies and Terminator 2: Judgement Day remains an undeniable classic of the genre.  While Arnold Schwarzenegger may have pulled off the iconic biker jacket and boots combo to perfection, ...

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Top 12 Automotive Super Bowl Ads in 2014

Now it’s time to analyze the 2014 Super Bowl final from a car addict perspective. From our point of view, the halftime was more interesting than the football match and we’ve gathered all the automotive commercials for a special article called “Top 12 Automotive Super Bowl Ads”!  Seattle Seahawks won the first trophy of the NFL champion in history after ...

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Audi A3 for sale anywhere in the UK

Great Britain is one of the most famous vehicle manufacturers in the world. British love their native brand, but lots of British prefer German brands. Audi is one of the most popular German representatives in English market. Alongside with BMW and Porsche it is one of the sales leaders. Among Audi models Audi A3 is one of desirable and required ...

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AUTO Stories: The Wonderful History of Porsche 912

Porsche 911 has long passed the stage of being a legend and now become a true idol for the fans of Porsche and even for others but if 911 doesn’t need any introduction, Porsche 912 remained in the shadow of his stronger brother. Its story is fascinating and this article comes as a tribute to Porsche 912. Any of us ...

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AUTO Stories: 100 years of Aston Martin History – between bankruptcy and One-77

Aston Martin, one of the car brands that identifies itself with the premium segment in the UK, celebrated in January 100 years of existence, and we would like to dedicate this article to Aston Martin’s History. For Aston Martin, the car brand favored by James Bond, 100 years seems to be a long time. A long life of a man. But ...

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