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Who Can Make Changes to My Car Insurance Policy?

There are many reasons you might want to make changes to a car insurance policy. When you buy a new car, move to a new zip code, or add a new driver in your household, you must notify your car insurance company and let them know about the change. But who exactly can initiate the changes and ask for details ...

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5 Tips To Getting Your First Car Loan

Kyle Ryhs from Badcreditcarloan.com.au discusses the most important elements to getting your first car loan. Getting your first car loan can be an exciting time, but it is important to try and understand which lenders are more flexible with first time borrowers, as some lenders are hesitant due to the fact that the borrower has no history and other lenders ...

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Used cars vs. new cars

Carmony.co.uk rebrand for a bigger piece of the used car market

The used car website, Carmony.co.uk has undergone a huge revamp lately, rebranding and shifting the focus of the site towards premium brand used cars, a unique focus which clearly marks it out from the other competitors. The website, owned by the Manheim brand, who are also the owners of used car website motors.co.uk has clearly recognised how packed and saturated ...

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Most memorable car ads ever

Over the years, car advertisers have employed some pretty bizarre tactics to try and get us to part with our cash, from chickens to cars made of cake. Here are just some of the most memorable auto ads of all time – whether they intrigued or just annoyed you, you can’t deny that they’re all totally unforgettable! Citroen CX – ...

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The automobile is the most interesting new smartphone accessory

There have always been interesting and innovative technology in automobiles. It only makes sense that the newest technology debuts in luxury vehicles. The first windshield wipers in a production car went into the Chrysler Imperial. The modern seat belt was first used in a Volvo. Mercedes was first to anti-lock brakes. …And on it goes. To the extent that past ...

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