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U.S. – Top 10 Cheap Cars to Own

When it’s time to buy a new car and desperation comes calling, all other priorities peel away, leaving price alone to govern the decision. Most cars aren’t good investments — the only return you’ll earn from owning one is a way to get around. But simply buying the cheapest car isn’t necessarily the cheapest route. High-end cars may depreciate less, ...

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Top 10 worst drivers by profession

How many of your friends are bad drivers? I mean, really really bad ones. Chances are they might be an attorney, government worker or a judge according to a new study listing the most dangerous drivers by profession. A study made by an auto insurance  business in the U.S. revealed that lawyers and judges are the most dangerous drivers in North ...

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Study: Women need more lessons than men to obtain a driving license

A survey in Britain found that ladies need more driving lessons to pass the driving test. Thus, women took 21 driving lessons, on average, to pass the test for obtaining a driving license, while men had an average of 17 lessons to obtain permission for the same class. Promotion percentage of first attempt was 46% for men and 43% for ...

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People’s Choice: Fiat Stilo by John

The new section of articles written by car-addict.com fans has its first article. You can do the same and we even encourage you to share your experience. If you want your article on the site? Go here ! This first article is written by John Holuta, a fan from Romania, about his car, a Fiat Stilo hatchback bought in the ...

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No, is not the western movie, or Clarkson’s DVD, is just a short article with three cars and an idiot writing his stupid points of view for each car. Is not hard to read or understand, the idiot that wrote the text is not that smart to use unknown words even for a monkey; so if your girlfriend lets you ...

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