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DriveClub – Newest Car Game for Sony PlayStation 4

Today Sony held a press conference and presented new PlayStation 4 specification along with DriveClub, the newest car game built for this console. We were limited to the technical side of the product and we did not have any access to the device itself. The market launch of PlayStation 4 will be during the holiday season, starting in November 2013. ...

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Feature: Toyota 2000GT – the first Japanese sports car ever produced

Toyota 2000GT – a rare car with a special story. We present you today the Toyota 2000GT Targa version, a sports car that came from Japan and was supposed  to appear in the company of James Bond. Its  story comes in the following lines. Toyota 2000GT was launched in 1965 at the Tokyo Auto Show, one of the first true ...

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2013: Irv Gordon’s Volvo P1800 Update – 3 Million Mile Mark

Irv Gordon seems to really love his car, the Volvo P1800. Aged 72 this American is close to completing a new record, as only 34,000 miles separate him from reaching a total of three million miles (over 4.8 million km) with his car, a Volvo P1800 S. This guy bought his car back in 1966 and after 20 years of ...

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Car Addiction: Are we all Car Addicts?

In the next words we will try to make a study about the car addiction in particular. Some say it is good, some say it is bad and many don’t even see it. In any domain you could think at, you will find addicts that devote themselves to satisfying some personal desire. We have some “Good” addicts, such as  drawing, ...

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The Entire History of Nismo – Nissan’s Performance Division

Nismo is to Nissan what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz or M division for BMW. It is the laboratory where the highest-performance Nissans for street and track are prepared. And because Nismo is officially coming to Europe, take a peek into the history of this Nissan division in a complete article that will take you from 1964 to 2013. Nismo is ...

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