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Motorsport Stories: Pikes Peak or The Race to The Clouds

The Pikes Peak Race, won this year by Sebastien Loeb, has a special story that spans over nearly 100 years and has earned a place in the motorsport elite in an original way. There are only three years left until the race at Pikes Peak will celebrate a century of existence, but it needed the presence of one of the ...

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50 Brand NEW Chevrolets found in a Closed Car Dealership after 35 years

Just a few days ago an auction company has entered a Chevy dealership to do an inventory and found something truly remarkable. The car dealership was closed down for more than 35 years and doors were bolted shut the whole time. 2013 seems to be the magic number as now the state decided the building may be auctioned with the ...

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EU to Set New Rules for CO2 Emissions for 2020

The European Union decided the future CO2 emissions targets for 2020. The commission wants all automobile manufacturers to have an average CO2 emission of 95 grams per kilometer range wide. The EU has set new restrictions on CO2 emissions for car manufacturers operating on this market. These will change in 2020 and the Brussels Commission wants the new cars sold ...

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Peugeot might Give the PSA up to General Motors

The period of instability faced by PSA could lead to an abandonment of power by the Peugeot family, founder of the brand. General Motors is expected to take the lead. Peugeot is going through a very difficult period; the declining sales and financial instability are seriously affecting the French manufacturer. According to sources cited by Reuters, the Peugeot family, who ...

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Motor Oil: Classification, Problems, FAQs

Motor oil is our most requested vehicle component, and the most used, after fuel. But although we use the car’s oil every minute, we find it everywhere and companies advertise aggressively in all media, it is arguably the least known “ingredient” of our car. The more is it known and used, the more we take it for granted and we ...

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