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Yamaha Super Tenere comes onto the market in May

As a motorcycle for all situations Yamaha praises with their new Super Ténéré XT1200Z ABS. This luxury Enduro is available from May this year at a cost of 14 750 euros. The bike is powered by a new liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine with a series of 1 199 cc engine, which provides 81 kW/110 hp and has an electronic fuel injection and dual ignition. The maximum torque of 114 Nm is available at 6 000 rpm, so that both casual cruising and passing maneuvers are likely to succeed with ease.

The new Tenere

The new Tenere will be characterized by precision in the response and a high sense of security. The center of bike’s mass is located low and central, which is the Japanese attitude in all driving situations, light and handy. For good terrain features including the ground clearance of 20.5 cm and provide the robust design with a frame made of high tensile strength steel. The front wheel is guided by a 43-millimeter-thick upside-down fork, preload in and train and compression damping is adjustable. The Monoshock of the back wheel is also variable in train and rebound. Both can be adjusted according to the manufacturer by hand without tools. The Super Tenere is also equipped as standard with an overload and the rear frame has been strengthened in view of the additional burden with panniers and front passenger and luggage.

Electronic throttle control YCC-T

Like some other Yamaha models have the Super Tenere on the electronic throttle control YCC-T. Here, the throttle position is monitored electronically and determines the appropriate degree of opening of the valves and the amount of intake air, which makes the response very concise and direct. Furthermore, the controller provides an economic deal with the fuel. The almost 23-liters fuel tank will provide long range, average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, but is not yet known.

Three-stage Traction control

In addition, the new Yamaha has a three-stage traction control: TCS1 is the default mode, in which the system intervenes, stopping whenever the rear wheel starts. In TCS2 mode interferes with the system in reduced form, such that an ambitious driving style is possible with slight slides. In the third mode TCS3 the system will be completely disabled. In addition to traction control, the so-called Super Tenere Yamaha D-Mode, a system that offers the choice of two different Engine mapping: the sport mode with a very direct response of the engine which offers the opportunity for extremely sporty driving and touring mode has which provides a slightly more moderate, smoother power delivery. In this way, the bike will fit every situation, and driving conditions.


In addition, the height can adjust the seat position from 84.5 to 87 centimeters, and thus adapt to almost any rider stature. The same applies for the position of the windshield. The standard equipment also include a 12 volt power supply and a main stand. In its first year includes a number of other things as standard equipment, including aluminum case set including brackets and headlight protectors for off road use. The so-called First Edition model can be had for a price of 14 750 euros. From 2011, these parts are offered as extras to surcharge.


  1. I have a Honda Dominator and i really consider switching it with the Tenere. I plan a trip throughout Europe and i’d like a bigger bike.

  2. Send us pictures from your trip 🙂

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