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The Terminator’s Bike Ramps up Harley Museum

“I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.”

Was there ever such a statement made with more coldly calculating robotic menace? If there was it hasn’t been captured in the movies and Terminator 2: Judgement Day remains an undeniable classic of the genre.

terminator 2 bike museum

Terminator 2 – Harley Davidson Bike

 While Arnold Schwarzenegger may have pulled off the iconic biker jacket and boots combo to perfection, its impact would have been significantly muted without the aid of the Fat Boy Harley-Davidson that simply screamed classic cool in every scene! The combination of man and machine (or more accurately: machine and machine!) in perfect synchronisation outrunning a huge tow truck through an underpass is an enduring moment in cinematic and automotive history.

Now the time has come for the actual 1991 Fat Boy used in the movie to lower its kickstand and retire to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee USA. The bike itself is said to have signs of “significant production wear from filming” which is hardly shocking as it was ridden pretty hard in the high speed chase scene by a series of fearless stuntmen as well as Arnie himself for a brief while.

Fat Boy Terminator 2 Bike

Fortunately, instead of being consigned to the scrapheap or an owner’s private collection, the bike will have pride of place among 450 other classic motorcycles currently being kept at the museum.

Terminator 2 is an iconic film and a celebrated piece of pop culture history,” said Jim Fricke, curatorial director of the Harley-Davidson Museum. “This motorcycle arguably played one of the most significant film roles in Harley-Davidson’s history, and we’re thrilled it has found its permanent home here at the Museum, where it will be preserved for future generations.”

The museum sports a lot more than just motorcycles though, as its manifold exhibitions include stunning road trip photography, an engine room and design lab that map the path of the brand’s most iconic models and not to mention the interactive exhibits such as the Harley Davidson experience gallery. You can swing your leg over any of the bikes found here, just pick your favourite and enjoy the feel of the unique Harley Davidson experience.

Harley Davidson bike sales have enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years through the adoption of iconic models like the Fat Boy to produce affordable cycles that maintain that classic cool edge. Emerging markets like India, Thailand and Indonesia have exhibited a keen interest in the manufacturer’s newer models such as the recently launched Street 750 that gives a tip of the cap to its 90’s ancestors.

With the manufacturer working hard to capture the imagination of a new generation of riders and motorcycle admirers, it would be surprising if we didn’t continue to see Harley-Davidsons making an appearance in blockbuster movies for many years to come.

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