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Motorcycle: Tips for Spring Awakening

With the rising temperatures increasing, motorcyclists feel the itch in their fingers. Finally, they want to swing after the long winter back onto my bike and touring leisurely through the countryside. But before it again goes from zero to 100, was the beloved motorcycle once be brought into shape.

Spring makeover. Anyone who takes enough time for the spring makeover and not rushing, completed the necessary steps not only carefully, but can increase his anticipation on the first ride. Therefore the two-wheeler is initially free of all dirt, because of the long service life, it is dusty and under a cover. In clean condition and rust damage or leaks can be better detected and treated, if necessary. In stores different specialty cleaners for the various components are offered, such as the engine block, wheels, chrome and painted parts. In many cases, simple soapy water is enough. It must abandon aggressive cleaning agents, especially on the windshield that may otherwise “be blind”.

Battery. After cleaning the battery may be replenished with distilled water and recharge. Before the reinstallation of the polar caps are to be maintained with non-acid battery grease. Thus the formation of oxide layers is avoided.

Tires. Who is not being driven during the winter, has hopefully relieve the tires, so they run after the break still around. The tires are inflated again, is giving particular attention to the inflation pressure specified by the manufacturer to. Then the tires are checked for porous bodies and the profile depths to check. The legislature prescribes a minimum depth of 1.6 millimeters, for safety reasons, it should be but at least two millimeters. With chain drives, the chain is greased and possibly curious chain and sprockets are examined for signs of wear.

Brakes. Furthermore, the brake pads checked for wear, but also the state of the brake fluid to be controlled. Regardless of the actual mileage is the brake fluid every two years to renew, so that full braking performance is assured. Because brake fluid absorbs water, even in a sealed brake system and lowers the boiling point of brake fluid. In addition, the water vapor bubbles in promoting hot brakes.

Oil change. Even an oil change and a new oil filter part of the spring fitness program for the bike. Who has done this already in the autumn after the last tour, which now you can save. The same goes for the fork.

At the end of the maintenance work. Finally, the maintenance work is still light, turn signals and horn checked for their function and, if necessary, repaired. If all that is too much, should the dealer about a spring check, where an expert takes a close look at the bike and perform the service. This can also be immediately connected with the regular inspection.

Slowly approach. At the first exit after the inspection is it said: slow approach to and participate in a well 15 kilometers long warm ride at moderate speed.

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