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New or used motorcycle parts, which is better?

Running a motorcycle is often not a cheap enterprise. It’s not just about buying the machine itself but also about purchasing all of the clothing and equipment you need in order to ensure you ride safely and comfortably. You also need to make sure that your bike is kept in good condition and that any broken or worn parts are replaced.

Replacing parts can be an expensive process, and you need to look for motorbike sales professionals that have a good reputation. Many of the businesses you approach sell both new and used parts. So which is your best option?


The pros and cons of buying new motorbike parts

One of the biggest advantages you get from buying new motorbike parts is the warranty that comes with them. This means that you have peace of mind for at least twelve months. You are also certain of the history of the part you are buying because it has come straight from the manufacturer.

The advantages of buying new motorcycle parts are clear to see, but there is one major disadvantage; the price. It’s important to realise that new motorbike parts come with different associated prices depending on whether they were made by the bike manufacturer or not. There are generally three types of new motorbike part; those made by the bike manufacturer specifically for their bikes, those made by a different company for a certain bike and generic bike parts. Obviously, parts made by the bike manufacturer themselves are the most expensive.

Another problem with new parts, especially those sourced directly from the bike manufacturer, is that they can be difficult to get hold of. This means that you could be waiting weeks for your bike to be repaired.

The pros and cons of buying used motorbike parts

One way to purchase a part produced by the bike manufacturer, at a reasonable price, is to buy second hand. It’s useful to know that many second hand parts are in perfect working order. If a bike is involved in an accident it may not be fit for driving again but some of its parts may remain undamaged. Parts such as these can represent good value.

Of course, you generally have reduced warranty protection, or none at all, when you buy second hand motorbike parts. It’s a big chance that you take if you opt for second hand as opposed to new. If you are not an expert when it comes to the mechanics of your bike you should try and seek advice from someone who is and ask them to have a look at parts you are thinking of buying before you make the purchase.

When your bike needs a repair it’s often expensive to buy the required parts. If you want to try and save money by buying used parts then you need to be aware of the potential risk you could be facing. Once you are aware then it’s up to you whether you want to take the chance or would prefer to purchase your bike parts when they are new.

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