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Video Drift Battle: Motorcycle vs. Car

Whatever your position vis-à-vis the drift phenomenon, it’s always exciting to watch a car in action. But it would be possible something like a Motorcycle Drift?

The professional rider for team Icon, Nick Apex Broch send us a YES dressed” in a lot of tire smoke. Icon is a highly regarded manufacturer of motorized equipment and at the same time, the company maintains a team of very talented riders what they do. Nick Broch is one of the members of this team, which his strong hand in fighting Kawasaki zx-10R motorcycle, drifting against professional racecar driver Jim Guthrie. Neither Jim Guthrie ‘s partner can’t be lightly dismissed, under the hood of heavily modified Mazda RX-7, hiding in a Chevrolet Corvette engine, all amendments were aimed at creating a capable and complete machines for this kind of demonstration.

To all of these add a lot of cameras positioned strategically, the radio-controlled toy car to be particularly revealing, plus a suitable location and have all the ingredients for a total spectacle, which Car-Addicts.com invite you to watch:

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