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Most memorable car ads ever

Over the years, car advertisers have employed some pretty bizarre tactics to try and get us to part with our cash, from chickens to cars made of cake.

Here are just some of the most memorable auto ads of all time – whether they intrigued or just annoyed you, you can’t deny that they’re all totally unforgettable!

Citroen CX – Grace Jones

In this slightly surreal 1985 ad, pop star and Bond girl Grace Jones spins the Citroen CX round the desert, sings into the camera a bit, and then drives the car straight into the mouth of a giant replica of her own head. Which then burps. Totally normal…

Skoda Fabia – Cake

Skoda’s 2007 ad became an instant classic – what’s not to love about a team of bakers painstakingly constructing an entire car out of cake?! Among the ingredients used to make this life-size imitation of the Fabia were 180 eggs, 200kg of margarine and 20kg of glacier cherries.

Honda Accord – The Cog

It took six months and 606 takes to design and then execute this awesome, multi-award winning ad where a moving assembly line of components from the Honda Accord set an incredible chain reaction in motion.

Renault Clio – Nicole & Papa

This father-daughter pairing of flighty Nicole and her long-suffering ‘Papa’ was so popular that Clio themed their ads around them for a whole seven years. Their final outing in 1998 also featured comedy duo Vic and Bob in a ‘The Graduate’-style wedding scene.

Citroen C4 – Transformers

Ad makers took the slogan ‘Alive with technology’ to the next level in this 2006 ad, using of the latest animation technology to turn the Citroen C4 into a very realistic-looking breakdancing robot.

Mercedes Benz – Intelligent Drive ‘Chicken’

The most recent ad on our list, this odd effort aims to sell the benefits of BMW’s new suspension system called Magic Body Control. How? By showing us some chicken’s keeping their heads perfectly still while gloved hands move their bodies around in time to Diana Ross’s ‘Upside Down’. Of course.

Renault Megane – I See You Baby

Let’s be honest – this one’s mainly remembered for being a bit irritating… Playing on the fact that the Renault Megane’s rounded backend looked a little bit like a bum, the ad shows the car speeding through a city and compelling passers-by to start, as the song goes, ‘shaking that ass’.

VW Golf – Paula Hamilton

In this classic ad from the 80s, we witness the fallout of what must have been a blazing row between husband and wife. The woman, played by Paula Hamilton, heads out onto the street, ditching her all worldly material possessions as she goes – but she thinks twice before throwing away the keys to her VW Golf.

This blog was written by the car buying specialist at The Car Buying Service.

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