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James May about Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson

James May, the famous co-presenter of the Top Gear tv show, spoke in a conference call with several journalists in the world. The main topics of discussion were Top Gear and its old format, Jeremy Clarkson and Rolls Royce models.

Asked if he feels embarrassed by the macho stuff” that Jeremy Clarkson always sais on the show, May said: I feel embarrassed by Jeremy all the time, if I’m with him, because it is a social and intellectual failure in itself, and it looks awful – so I prefer to take him somewhere in a quiet place …”

James May disclosed some information about Clarkson, more precisely its weakness: It’s pretty easy to insult Jeremy. Give your mouth for hours, but then it is enough to say a couple of things and has an air very shy, because, really, deep down it’s a very gentle guy.”

James May talks about the old format Top Gear: “Once, it was a magazine about cars shown on TV.”

James May spoke about the first series Top Gear co-presenter. It was removed from the program schedule as it had low audience ratings. May appeared for the first time in the show Top Gear in 1999. Only in the second series, who debuted in 2003, May was already the iconic colleague of Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Regarding the issue, James completed: “Enjoyed a successful long time, because it is on the air about the mid-1970s, but towards the end, the old format ‘tired’ bit. They were not sure who would have to be presenters and what it was. In addition, it was a magazine-format program and the idea itself was not very fashionable. As a result, they ‘killed’ and it was redesigned in style. Now it’s a completely different program. In fact, once was a magazine about cars presented on TV, while now it’s a sitcom developed, with lots of humor ‘physical’, on topics related to cars.”

James May now has six cars. One of them is in a museum, and four of them sit in a garage in Hammersmith. The exception, standing outside the car that is a Fiat Panda – a declared supporter. “I have always argued that Rolls-Royce Corniche and RollsRoyce Silver Shadow some cars are multicultural in a way, because they have an amazing thing: everyone looks good when driving something. No matter what age or how you’re dressed, no matter whether you are male or female, black or white. It does not matter anything. If you got into such a car should look like – which is something very strange, because it’s obvious that these machines are very British and represents a kind of hangover after the bloated plutocracy. I think RollsRoyce has been largely absorbed in the attitude of such rock ‘n roll – that seems to me that simply looks cool. When I climb behind the wheel of RollRoyce of my site, I feel very at peace with the world and are full of love,” said James May talking about the RollsRoyce Corniche that he owns.

“I am very impressed by what BMW did with RollsRoyce. I know that, in fact, Ghost is a 7 Series model, probably because we’ve packed too much at this stage. But in terms of style, attention to detail – everything is great and there are the traditional values ​​of a Rolls-Royce. In my opinion, what has emerged is best for something unique and specific Rolls-Royce: do not leave anything to compromise the essential qualities of a Rolls Royce, that quietness and comfort. There are many who are luxury cars – Germans in particular. But we can feel that, at the last minute, these models will be tested at the Nürburgring, desperately, to give them a more sporty touch. Well, when it was the Rolls-Royce, have resisted! I remember that at some point someone has made ​​it very nice. He said it was a powerful car when a traffic light to go from one to can keep pace with a Porsche 911, but when you go into a curve, no longer can. so it should be. I have done exactly as required! and seem to retain this approach, so that they are pretty relaxed when I think about what would happen.” concluded the British presenter on the new RollsRoyce Ghost and its future variations.

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