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How To Be Safer On The Road


There’s little doubt the roads can be a dangerous place, with statistics indicating the average driver will have an accident every 20 years. How severe that accident is depends a lot on luck and also on good driving skills, but how can you reduce your chances of an accident and be safer driver on the road?

Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

Eliminate the bad

It’s the little things that can turn a minor incident into a major catastrophe. Small matters such as rushing, changing lanes too quickly or following too closely remove the safety buffer that every road user should engage, and actions like these also have the potential to amplify mistakes.

The bottom line is every drive should be an enjoyable experience, so take the stress out by leaving for work five minutes early or by backing off and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front. That also applies to limiting distractions like playing with your radio, or failing to pay adequate attention to the driving task at hand.

Drive defensively

You may be the best driver on the road, but the reality is you’re not the only one out there and it’s the actions of others that can make for a very bad day. Not every driver has years of experience or confidence under their belt, so drive defensively, with an awareness of what other drivers intend to do.

If you find yourself in a situation where other drivers have caused an accident, experts such as The Personal Injury Lawyers can be of assistance, should you choose to make a compensation claim.

Take a refresher

Rules change from country to country, state to state and over time, so it pays to take a refresher course on the road rules every now and then. This doesn’t reflect inadequacy, but rather illustrates a commitment to safe driving practices. And let’s face it, every driver could use a brush-up to weed out those negative habits that are acquired over a lengthy driving career.

Vehicle condition

Your vehicle is the tool for the daily drive and as such should be in tip-top condition every time it leaves home. By ensuring your vehicle is in good condition every time you hit the road, you rule out errors such as brake pad deterioration, balding tyres, and steering faults.

Every driver has a role to play in ensuring the roads are a safe place. By paying attention to the safety of your vehicle and your driving habits and by driving defensively, you eliminate the minor actions that can lead to major injuries.


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