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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No, is not the western movie, or Clarkson’s DVD, is just a short article with three cars and an idiot writing his stupid points of view for each car. Is not hard to read or understand, the idiot that wrote the text is not that smart to use unknown words even for a monkey; so if your girlfriend lets you waste a little bit of time and the South Park episode is not on the air yet, you can read this.

The Good

Will start with the good car, and why it’s good, what makes it different and why I’ve considered it for this article. Well, first, it has a 2.0L twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder engine rated for 250 PS (184 kW; 247 bhp) at 5500 rpm and 340 Nm (250 lbft) at 3000 rpm with 6-speed manual gearbox, front splitter, extended sills and wheel arches, rear diffuser with central exhaust pipe, and 18-inch alloy wheels (19-inch if your dad is working for a road construction company). Aluminum pedals a RenaultSport steering wheel with thumb grips, analog rev counter and sport seats with extra lateral support dress up the cabin. Yes, it’s the Renault Megane RS, a nice car to drive, a lot of power for the price it has and a yellow paint job to last you until the end of the road.

I know I’ve didn’t told you the second good part, and that is because it is not related to the car itself,  is related to the cars in its class, the Seat Leon Cupra R or the Focus RS or ST, or the Golf GTI (will not compare it to the Golf R because it has 4 wheel drive). All these cars, even if some of them have a lot of horses in plus, they cost a lot of money more, and according to all the drive testes that I’ve read, the Megane RS is the nice one, the good one and the cheap one, and the better looking one, if you asked me.

So yes, the RS is from my point of view the Good one here.

The Bad

This I think will not come like a fist in anyone’s face, because is the Lexus LF-A. If you like the car, don’t close the webpage tab and stay with me until the end of the idea.

From the technical point of view, the LF-A is like a diamond between coal, is a amazing piece o engineering that took the Lexus team a lot of time to develop, and by a lot I did mean a lot, and they end up with a  4.8-liter 72-degree V10 putting out 560 hp at 8,700 RPM (that’s 116.5 hp/liter) and 354 lb.-ft. of torque at 6,800 RPM, six-speed sequential gearbox,  0-62 MPH (100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds  and yes, the top speed is over 200MPH,  201.94 MPH to be exact.

A lot of nice things to read, nice numbers and performances but I don’t see the point. If you are lost, I will try to explain you the way.

I do understand the point of the Bugatty Veyron, it was the first car with 1001 bhp, I do get the idea of the GT-R, is a lot of sport car for a small price, it will drop dead a 911 with just a small piece of the Porsche’s  price. I do even get the 8C from Alfa Romeo, not a real nice car to drive, just the most beautiful car from a mile. But I don’t get the idea of the LF-A, is not the nicest car to drive, is not an engineering miracle, it doesn’t look that grate and it has a mountain of price tag, $375000 to be exact. And that is a lot for a car like the LF-A, even if they will make a small number to let the buyers know is an exclusive car.

The Ugly

If this will sound like the stupidest thing you have read this week, well, it may be so, but I think that the ugly car in this article must be the Ferrari 458 Italia.

You will say that I am crazy and stupid and an idiot and you will be right, I did mentioned in the beginning that this article is not perfect and the writer is far from being a smart guy.

If you still are on the page, you will want to know why I consider the new baby Ferrari an ugly car. Well… because it is ugly. If you don’t believe me, try to spend a few seconds of your life and search on Google for the Ferrari 250 GTO or for the F40, and now take a second look at the 458 Italia, and maybe you will understand what I am trying to say.

From what I can think, every major auto company is trying to get a bigger piece from the Asian auto market, the end of the Beijing Auto Show was 40 supercars with a cost of $20 millions, and that is just a thing to think about. The 458 Italia looks like a car that will blend perfectly in Asia, it looks like a cheap Chinese car. You will argue and say that the design was dictated by the air flow and the high performances of the car… and you may be correct, but if you were to spend a lot of money for a super car, and you will have the opportunity to chose between a 250 GTO and a 458 Italia, which one will it be?

By Grizzly


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  1. Nice post guys, stupid but funny 😛

  2. Gabriel Jauch

    Bugatty Veyron will always be Bugatty Veyron. No matter the cost. It’s an awesome car. It should exist just for the beauty of it. Michelangelo would be jealous.

  3. You said it bro, Ferrari 458 Italia is one ugly mf car! Someone had to stand up.

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