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Cars of the Future

To make the article clear from the beginning, we will not talk about what cars will be developed in the future or if we are going to use flying cars or if we’ll use teleportation stuff in order to move our self’s from A to B. No, this article is about normal cars, usual cars, which we are using and enjoy driving and seeing on the roads today, cars that we hope to be able to also use them in the future.

Personally, I like seeing old BMWs driving beside me on the street; I like to see funny Trabants with bright colors, pulling a huge cloud of black smoke made from the oil and gas mix. I like to see cars that I’ve dream to have when I was a child and with a bit of luck be able to also drive them. This is what this article is about; we will try to find some today’s cars that we will like to see in the future on the streets.

And I will start by mentioning that we will exclude from beginning exotic cars, I don’t see so many Ferraris or Aston Martins on the streets today, not to say in the future, maybe is because I don’t live in California or near the Nurburgring, but this is not the point. Don’t get me wrong, I will be smiling an entire day if in 20 year time a Bentley Continental Super Sport with his W12 and 621 bhp will pass near me. But the problem is that there are more chances that a Renault Megane RS to make your day in the 20 years time then a Lamborghini. Or let’s look at the problem from a different point of view, maybe in 20 years time we can afford to have all this exotic cars and we will be bored to see them every day on our garages, so, we will turn our eyes on to the streets, and I am sure that every day we can see something that will put a smile on our face.

If the times will remain the same, I think we are on the right way, maybe is too much to say that the human kind is on the right track with something, but, looking at the old cars that are running on the streets of our days today, I will be pleased to see similar cars in the future also.

One type of old cars that I do like to see are the old Mercs. Some say they were over engineered, and that is way we can see so many from the ’70 and ’80 and not as many from the ’90, when Mercedes, I think was trying to make some extra money by reducing the quality and the entire Mercedes philosophy. And yes, when you make a good car that will last more than 5 years is consider over engineered by the other car companies. Maybe that is way all cars made in USA don’t last so much. Is a conspiracy I tell you, a pure conspiracy.

Other car that will make me turn around will be the old Citroen DS, especially if the driver is raising the car up using the hydraulic suspension.  When I was a child, one of the neighbor’s had one and was raising it every morning before going to work, until one day when the car remain fully raise because the suspension has decided to quit working, and it remain that way until they sell it. Come to think, if the Mercedes were over engineered the DSs were from a different planet, one that didn’t put much value on reliability.

Coming back to our days, one think is for sure, we won’t see electric cars in the future, especially not the ones driven by batteries, didn’t work 100 years ago, I am sure it won’t work now either. We can think that after finding a lot of minerals resources in Afghanistan, the USA government will try to make their game in the future of the auto industry, but really now, way go back 100 years when electric cars died, is not  like resurrecting Jesus. With the hybrids a different problem will appear. You see, the batteries don’t last forever, and from time to time you have to change them, and is not as expensive as changing the oil, no, it will cost considerably more, and the normal hybrid buyer would not be bothered, because he is not buying the hybrid to save the white polar fox, no, he is buying it to make a statement that he cares about the environment but he is too stupid to see the entire image and to realize that because of the technologic process a hybrid pollutes more than a usual car.

So we remain with our usual, day to day cars.

One of the brands from which I hope to see a lot of cars on the road in the future, is Alfa Romeo, and I not mentioning a specific model, because I kind of like all of them, especially the 159 with the 1.8 Tbi engine, with its 200 bhp. I won’t take in consideration that Alfas are not famous for being reliable, but you don’t have to lose your fate in an Alfa, ever, ever.

The previous Renault Megane is another car from my list, and the reason for which I will like to see it in the future is that, it was different, had a big fat bottom and more small little funky gadgets then Citroen. One of which was the Start/Stop button, button that we can see today on all the respectable brands, from Mercedes to Jaguar and back to BMW. The hand brake handle was another special touch, maybe not the most useful type of handle that you can fit in a car, but it was nice.

Remaining in the French auto world; I am a little bit disappointed that Citroen will not keep the fix steering wheel hub on the next C4 generation, not even on the DS version. It was a nice feature of the C4, along with the central dash board. But we can be sure that the 1.6 engine, with all his output range, the same engine that is used on the Mini and BMW 1 series, will be present.

A car that I am sure we will meet in the future is the VW Golf. The world is full of old and new Golfs and since the 1.4 TSI engine became for the second time, the Engine of the Year, we can be sure that the Golf will remain one of the common cars to see in the future.

Thinking of the cars that we will see on the streets of the future, we cannot leave aside the cars that even if we don’t like, we’ll meet without a shadow of a doubt. One of these cars will be the Chevrolet Aveo. Rated as one of the worse cars in the world, it sales, and not one here and one there, no, the world is full of Aveos, it will be like the old Opel Agila of the present time, which is one of the ugliest car ever made, but that didn’t prevent it to be all over the streets.

Speaking about Opel, the Insignia may be like the old Kadett, a really nice car, which will last a long, long time. A lot of buttons inside, much more then the Soiuz 40, which was used in the ’80 to come back from space; not meaning Insignia will take you to another galaxy, no, is just using a lot of buttons, that’s all. But still, a design that will be nice to see in the future.

Other cars from my list will be the XF from Jaguar, especially the XFR, the BMW 1 series coupe, or the new Renault Wind. Ford Mondeo or Fiesta, and speaking of cars from US, I am kind of sad that they closed Pontiac; I was expecting to see a remake of the 1977 Trans Am, like they did with the Camaro or with the Challenger, but maybe in a different life time.

That’s about my list. If you have cars that you like and for different reasons, like say time or space, I didn’t fit in this text, be free to mention them in the comments area.

By Grizzly


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  1. I will say that the Skoda has a number of funky cars that we will see in the future.
    Just think at the Superb or Yeti, not to mention Roomster.

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