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Carnauba Wax

For those that don’t know what Carnauba car wax is, google‘it and you will understand how you can make your car shine so hard that you can look at the sun but not at it, is simple, you have to wax on and wax off. You will not get an martial art expert but you can lose a pound or two if you try a little bit.

This week’s story starts on a Saturday morning in the hood. Some of you, if you’ll see the buildings from eastern Europe,  will associate them to the ghettos from the states, and you will not be very far from true, beside the black color and the poverty. I don’t think you can see a last year BMW 5 series in the ghetto,  but you can be sure to see a couple of those near the 2 rooms buildings here. The vast majority of the youth these days, consider these buildings the symbol of communism and most of them, even if they were playing with their weenies in the sand and weren’t able to wipe their shit up their bottoms when the communism ended around the Europe, say that Stalin himself was the designer of these buildings, and that he was the mastermind in placing the light bulb in the center of the room, and gather a lot of persons in a small area. Leaving the stupidity aside, the idea was simple, they had to have houses for all the work force from the factories around the big cities and these buildings were the simplest solution to have lots of people near their working places. This made moving them from A (house) to B (work) a lot easier then if they were to have their own, on the ground house.

Coming back to the story. Sunny Saturday morning in the neighborhood, the boys are cleaning their cars; nice, old, hard worked cars. First a Seat Toledo, 1.9 diesel, of course. 75 hp when it was new, in  ’93 and not more than 50 left now, after 275.000 km, in red, with black interior; to be correct, it was black when it was new, now is a sort of gray. Second in line is the Audi 80, born at the beginning of this century with a 1.6 diesel and 80 hp. After 400.000 km, not more to see at the car, beside the sort of matte black exterior. Last but not least is the Daewoo Nexia (aka Cielo) from ’96 in yellow, not a bright one, just a brush sort of one (I am sure it was painted by hand). This was a big hit when it was launched. Based on a old Opel Kadett platform, had a 1.5 gas engine that was making 75 hp in the GLi edition and was suffering like all Opels, Kadett or the firsts Astras from premature rust of the back wheel panels, a small price to pay for having one of the coveted cars of the period.

What makes all these different cars come together are the owners, some real “cool” guys from the hood, that know how rough life is and watching them from the bedroom window is more exiting then it was the last F1 race in Monte Carlo. First is the music from the background, is not rap, or hip-hop, no, these days a new sort of music is pleasing our ears, a sort of Oriental-Balkan mix, that is provided by the second hand sub-woofer from the back of the Audi, the low-tunes stars from the songs are all number one, have lots of money and talent; they know how to make the girls dance at their feet, drive X5s and Q7s with “bizonic” climate control and try “to the be the best”. The water is provided by a hose that is coming down from the second floor kitchen window of the building next to the cars, the buckets are full of active foam, for better cleaning the bugs off the front bumpers. The washing is very straight forward, water, active foam, water, the waxing part is the best one to look at. They use a special sort of wax, is only found in all supermarkets, and the special stuff of this wax is that is has Carnauba wax shine, it doesn’t have Carnauba wax, no, just Carnauba wax shine, and belie me, it works. After two hours of waxing the cars shine like they were shining when their were new, even the rust from the back wheel arch of the Nexia is shining, not to say how the keys scratch take you eyes. The boys really know how to work with the wax.

After they were done, an inevitable talk about cops, radar detectors and cars started. The driver of the Nexia is a young boy, doesn’t have much experience with cars so he just listen what the others are saying, tries to say his story about how he made his car’s windows black using a illegal foil that he bought from the bazaar, but doesn’t have much success with the listeners. The owner of the Toledo is good friend with the old guy that has the Audi, they know best what is good for their cars and they know best about any car and only they are right when they get into a strife. That is why they have diesels engines and the young guy has a petrol one, as he will get older he will learn that diesel is the way, don’t ask me why, it just is. The wisdom comes from yeas of driving, and their cars are the result of tremendous research and miles and miles on the driver seat in all sorts of cars. They will pride with their car experience and they will tell you how many cars they owned and what was the problem with each one of them. Don’t get me wrong, but bragging about all your second hand cars that you’ve drove in your life is like bragging about all your hookers you’ve been with. And yes, the hooker knows best when you talk about sex, but is not like a recipe from a doctor. The hookers advice is not the one you will take, even if is the best one, because is tested over and over again, is the part with the trust that is missing, and the same is valid also with cars.

Looking at the sun shining over the cars, you will think that I will be mean and I will bring a storm into the story to destroy the guys work, but no, the shine will be long gone after the garbage truck will pass near the cars and will raise a cloud of dust that, because of the bad gravity, will settle over the cars. You see, near the building, there is a dog, fat and not very smart, but the people love him and they feed him with food that is thrown from the windows, food that most of the time, before landing on the ground, hits something on the way and then falls near the dog’s mouth. This time the yellow Nexia was in the way of the dog and the bone from the fifth floor. Didn’t scratched the paint but made a nice dent in the cars roof, nothing that you can’t fix with the right hammer.

In the end, after the cars remain all by them self, I was thinking, what drive these guys to spend almost a day washing and waxing some old, useless junk (for others)?

I do get the thing with the affection,  the thing with every car has a soul, the thing with the wife and car are not for borrow, but from having a simple, honest car until making it the best car on the road, there is a long way. And then, surfing the youtube, I’ve found the answer. They trust themselves, they believed that their cars are one of a kind and that their are the best wheels on the road today, and you know why, because they believe in themselves. If you don’t believe me, just look at the  video below and you will understand what kind of power, believing in your self has.

By Grizzly


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  1. World Cup 2010

    Its necessary to have best quality car polish with exotic glow.As people have started decorating their cars to make them unique looking with different styles.Thanks.

  2. Great tips! I think part of the tips that i might have miss out, thats why!

  3. That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that

  4. Gregory Despain

    SD.Henry Ford (1863-1947)was born in Dearborn, Michigan. From the time he was a young boy, Ford enjoyed tinkering with machines. Farm work and a job in a Detroit machine shop afforded him ample opportunities to experiment. He later worked as a part-time employee for the Westinghouse Engine Company. By 1896, Ford had constructed his first horseless carriage which he sold in order to finance work on an improved model. SD

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