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Entertain yourself in the car this winter

With the weather getting colder, more and more of us will be choosing to travel by car rather than walk, making the roads busier and those traffic jams even longer. Whilst you should do all the usual things like check your tires and wiper blades before we’re hit with cold weather, you should also consider preparing for some very bored passengers. Here are a few ideas to keep your friends and family entertained whilst you drive this winter.

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If you’re setting off on a really long journey, you might want to invest in something that’ll keep your passengers occupied for a long time. Whilst in-car DVD players may have once seemed like a luxury item, you can now pick up some basic models for as low as £50 or £60. If your budget can stretch a little further, you can even pick up models with duel screens, screens that will attach to the back of your headrest or even devices that will play Blu Ray disks. These are a great way to keep your younger passengers occupied as long as you remember to pack their favourite TV shows and movies.

If you don’t fancy splashing out on a new DVD player just for your car, then a tablet device or smartphone could be a more valuable investment. You can load these up with movies and TV shows just like a DVD player, but then you can continue to use them outside of the car when you’ve reached your destination or even when you’re back home.


As well as movies, you can also load your tablet up with games to keep your passengers occupied. For the younger ones in your car, why not download some games based on their favourite TV shows like Peppa Pig. If you’ve got more than one child in the back of your car, why not download a traditional board game like Snakes and Ladders or Noughts and Crosses. For your older passengers that will want something a little more exciting, download the Spin Palace app so they can play real life casino games like roulette whilst on the move. As long as it has an internet connection, they’ll be able to feel like they’re in a real casino even if they are stuck on a motorway.

Sometimes you can’t beat the old traditional ways of beating the boredom when you’re stuck on a long journey. There are dozens of disk jockeys working tirelessly to keep you entertained with music and features. You can find even more by investing in a DAB radio where you will find stations for specific, more niece music genres. If you’d rather not listen to a DJ whilst you drive and just want pure music, load up your smartphone or mp3 player with music before you leave. Then buy an auxiliary cable or even better, an adapter that will wirelessly transmit music from your device to your stereo. That way, your passengers can take it in turns to choose the music.

So whatever your passengers tastes, make sure you prepare your car with the technology to entertain them before setting off this winter.

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