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The Games Car Fanatics Would Love To See

It’s been a while since this site profiled a specific game, with the last example being Gran Turismo 6 a few years back. Interestingly though, not much has changed since! There has been one very exciting development in the form of virtual reality, which can make a racing game feel more realistic than ever before. But in terms of the types of games available for car fanatics and fans of auto racing, not much has changed.

That doesn’t mean the games haven’t been interesting. There are actually quite a few great racing games across various platforms that have come out in the last couple of years. Even so, they tend to be fairly straightforward, and we have some ideas for games and game styles people might love to see instead.


Formula 1 Lifestyle

There’s a bit of a trend in sports games, and has been for some time, of simulating the entire life and lifestyle of professional athletes, rather than just what happens on the field of play. But we haven’t seen this style properly embraced for a racing game, nor Formula 1 specifically. This is interesting given that F1 drivers are some of the biggest celebrities in world sports, and live a very particular sort of high-end lifestyle. A Formula 1 game in which you could create a driver and manage endorsements, personal decisions, etc. while also trying to rise to the top of the sport would capture a lot of attention.

Mario Kart For Adults

Mario Kart is a fun game for everyone, even if you happen to be a fan of real life racing. Furthermore, there’s now word that Nintendo will be producing a Mario Kart game for mobile devices, which should make for a nice, fresh bit of fun. But a similarly styled game with more realistic cars and courses and human characters would be a lot of fun as well. Granted this somewhat describes what the average racing game already is, but we’re envisioning something a little more playful – with eccentric (though human) characters, colorful, unique cars, and challenging if realistic courses arranged as different grand prix circuits. This sort of game would have a lot of broad, natural appeal.

Car Slots

We’re not talking as much about actual racing action here, and furthermore not everybody embraces slots and casino games. That said, these games increasingly cover all kinds of fun themes. Looking at the most successful mobile slots, players have more than enough to choose from: horror games, the famous Gonzo’s Quest, about an explorer in South America, generic games based on gems and bright symbols, and even games based on franchises like Jurassic World. A car game would fit right in, and could be a fun, passive game for car lovers. Imagine for instance a full digital slot reel in which the symbols to be matched were famous race cars from history, or classic cars from different eras.

Fast & Furious

The Fast & Furious films might produce a completely ludicrous style of racing. But they also do so with a lot of fun action, really cool cars, and at least some appreciation for street racing culture. That makes them fun for a lot of people who are passionate about cars and racing, and it’s why a lifestyle game similar to those described above, but within the Fast & Furious world, could be a lot of fun. There have been some mobile games that did a decent job of this, but a bigger, bolder, and more thorough effort could be lots of fun.

Race Team Management

Finally, there’s also a strong trend in sports gaming toward management games. In football in particular a whole category of games has emerged challenging people to manage teams, rather than just play through matches. There are a lot of dimensions to managing a team of drivers in various racing sports, which could make a game like this – even in simple style on mobile devices – very popular.

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