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Need for Speed: Shift – the Rebirth of a Legend? – PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Hardly any other game series has seen so many ups and downs like Need for Speed. Grandiose beginnings, repeatedly dips, some design changes, and now and then reboots and successes. Experiments, such as the somewhat mixed picture ProStreet went pretty much in the pants and the latest offshoot called Undercover was more underground. EA has responded and pressurize the latest part of an external studio: Slightly Mad. Tells a little at first, but behind Exmit employees by Blimey and SimBin to put who worked on titles such as GTR and GT Legends. Which naturally raises the expectations, but also the confusion in what direction the series is now like.

The heart of Need for Speed: Shift is the career mode, where you have to hold you once more as a young driver to make the final in the big leagues, named NfS World Tour ride. In the first race at the wheel of a car is used to determine which settings are for you, for now the right ones. Of course, things like driving aids and AI difficulty can be changed at any time later. As a prelude to the values obtained are, however, good use – and waiting for your first race.

Depending on your position you will receive your prize money, from whom you concerned about a first vehicle. Of course, standing in this first stage, only relatively tame little cart on the program. It was not until the later stages it will get access to the really fast racer. The entire line-up offers just over 50 vehicles in which you can gradually move away place. It starts with a la cart slack Audi S3, BMW 135i, Mazda RX-8 or Seat Leon Cupra. At the end of her pieces is likely to draw such Koenigsegg CCX, Lamborghini Reventón and Pagani Zonda R at the corners.

Driving career as ever?

The career mode is – surprise, surprise – in principle, the fact undergo a series of racing events, money and land to enter as often as possible on the podium. Simply put, for some there is more behind it than one might think at first glance. Basically, you’ll get three different race types: normal race, time trial and drift racing. There are variations, such as the extremely exciting duels. Some completed their race in your own vehicles, others are in manufacturers sponsored car. This is a good idea because it is not sitting at the helm of her own eternal banger, but will serve with plenty of variety.

In fact, any sequence of racing events is a bit boring at some point. But Need for Speed: Shift succeeds with a few tricks to keep the driver at the bar and motivate vigorously. Get started with the gathering of stars, which in sum determine your level again. Stars will get you one for places on the podium, the other for solving certain tasks during a race. They can be quite different. While we have to create a certain number of points to (to go with it anymore), travel times, a clean game or reach a certain speed. Or else.

Pimp my car

At a characteristic constituent of various need-for-speed extraction has not been waived. There are car upgrades, visual tuning and vehicle settings for the pros. The upgrades have five categories, which are released gradually in the context of career, so you can keep up with your car even in the highest class. For upgrades in three stages, as well as aerodynamic and vehicle parts are available as categories. Of course, you neatly into the money, especially if you have multiple vehicles in your garage. What makes sense, because not every car is suitable for every Race Type.

Visual tuning is provided. You have some preset paint and vinyls to choose from, you can make your truck but also completely on your own taste – thanks to paint, lacquer-effects and dozens of vinyls, as well as wheels and other goodies. These are unlocked gradually through your driver level. Finally, there is even a tuning range, which would detail their vehicle Customize your setup. There, professionals can go real high-stakes and take care of tires, differential, aerodynamics, translation and much more, to get the most out of the vehicle.

Combines realism and playability

From a pure driving her, you realize that Slightly Mad has not addressed the first time with a racing game. While there is no board-like hardness simulation offered here, from arcade game point of view is also close by. With her on the basis of numerous assists and setting options you can customize the game very well to their own needs. The individual vehicles behave absolutely credible on the track when it comes to steering, acceleration and cornering performance. Shift reached a similar good compromise between realism and playability as previous Codemasters title.

Also the track conditions of the real and authentic courses are implemented thanks to good vibrations and force feedback effects, good for wearing. The support of current steering wheels will work fine, here stood the Test a no problems. In addition, there are a handful of options that you can adjust the steering well to your needs. The Xbox 360 controller performed at the PC version is also his duty without complaint. For the best gaming experience but is recommended in any case, together with a steering wheel cockpit perspective.

Setting options for every taste

As already mentioned, for the different tastes there are a lot of setting options. The AI difficulty can be laid down in several stages. The AI does a good overall impression, doggedly fighting, but also makes time driving errors. Above all, the duel races are very exciting, because the opponents toil doggedly for every millimeter. Driver aids such as traction control and ABS are activated, if you want, it can be disabled completely. When successful damage model you choose between purely visually or with the effect on driving behavior.

One-nails race simulation you should not expect, however, but that is not at all meaning and purpose of the game. Of pure arcade settings to Semi-simulation is much possible and should provide both the novice and professional good and motivational challenges. In them you will completely shut down neatly into a sweat, because the high-horsepower cars are like in real life quite a funny business that only want to be dominated times.

System requirements for PC:

* CPU 1.6GHz Intel Core2 / AMD X2 3800+

* 1 GB RAM or more (1,5 GB Vista/Windows 7)

* Graphics card with 256 MB and Pixel Shader 3.0

* Sound Card – DirectX 9.0c – compatible

* Windows XP (SP3)/Vista (SP2)/Windows 7

* DirectX – Version 9.0c


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