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Cars with Manual transmissions and Fitness

Driving cars with manual transmissions

Japanese researchers say that crossing a busy city on board cars with manual transmissions is equivalent to a visit to the gym.Manual Transmissions

The Japanese analysts estimate that people driving cars with manual transmissions perform over 200 gear shifts when crossing a city on the way to work.

Honda and its employees have made ??a parallel computation, valid for the traffic from Japan, which says that every mile drove in city is translated through 12 gear changes. Moreover, this statistic is valid for up to a 10 mile route, commuters being “forced” to do much more gear shifts than other drivers.

Given the fact that the drivers of cars with manual transmissions must return home on the same route, or even make other trips during the day, the number of gear changes is approaching 500, say Japanese researchers. In a month, drivers who own cars with manual transmissions are making thousands of gear changes, just to get from home to office and vice versa.

Automatic transmissions vs. Manual transmissions

Somehow, the Japanese study explains why some routes are very tiresome and why some customers prefer automatic transmissions. Recently, some automatic transmissions are faster and more comfortable than the equivalent manual transmissions.

Meanwhile, Porsche prepares a seven-speed manual transmission which will debut on the future Porsche 911.

Manual transmissions and car depreciation

Researchers go with the allegations, saying that such a travel is equivalent to a fitness session. From one point of view, they are right – changing gear is a repetitive motion that requires a particular method of execution and a certain rhythm, the latter can be accelerated if necessary.

Gear changes operated very slow (not to be confused with smooth) doesn’t help anyone, even affecting the car by enhancing the usage applied to the pressure bearing, usage that occurs at every declutch and even on every touch of the clutch.

In the end it all depends on your preferences. Jeremy Clarkson would say that the manual transmissions are awesome.

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