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Carmony.co.uk rebrand for a bigger piece of the used car market

The used car website, Carmony.co.uk has undergone a huge revamp lately, rebranding and shifting the focus of the site towards premium brand used cars, a unique focus which clearly marks it out from the other competitors.

Used cars vs. new cars

Used cars vs. new cars

The website, owned by the Manheim brand, who are also the owners of used car website motors.co.uk has clearly recognised how packed and saturated the market for used car websites has become, and has made a clear effort to stand out from the pack with its rebranding.

Carmony’s shift towards spotlighting used premium cars and new premium cars over £25,000 is hoped to make them the primary source for used premium cars for brands such as Audi and Lexus, attracting a brand new customer to the website. The audience, one which is interested in used premium cars, is not one that has been previously exploited by the online used car market and whilst this could be seen as risky for Carmony, the move demonstrates a confidence in the target audience and focus of the website.

Other competitors, such as Auto Trader and sister brand motors.co.uk, do have strong footholds in the used car selling market online but they have not yet found a particular audience that they can connect with, making it difficult to determine where their focus lies. Carmony on the other hand has seemingly perfected that search for a target market.


Furthermore the majority of market competitors such as Premium Trade Cars, which also have a similar focus, are only based regionally and do not have the national reach that Carmony is likely to achieve. Being a national brand delivering premium used cars to a wide audience is a strong niche market, likely to achieve high sales and perhaps inspiring other companies to look into doing the same.

However, as it should be clear by now, the market for used cars is a saturated one with hundreds of other websites competing for space. There is a concern that yet another used car site looking to compete in the market will fail amongst bigger competition. But Carmony have demonstrated enough savvy with regards to their target market that it seems as though they may rise above the rest and become a market leader in due course.

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