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 How Well Do You Know Your Car Badges?

As you may be aware, the team here at Car-Addicts.com are mad about cars, but we’ve also been known to love a good quiz, particularly one that’s car related, so when we came across what we believe to be the ultimate car badge quiz from UK company The Leden Group, we couldn’t resist giving it a go.

Automotive Brands Quiz

Car Brands Quiz


It is a true test of your car badge knowledge, with some of the world’s most popular brands appearing as well as those that will have you racking your brain for the answers and really delving deep into your car knowledge to try and put a name to the badge.

Alongside the world’s most popular category, you can test yourself on American car badges, European cars, Asian cars and many more as you attempt to get a respectable score following the 64 quick fire questions.

Click here to be taken through to The Car Badge Quiz from The Leden Group to see how well you really know your cars….. and remember to let us know your score in the comments below so you can see how well you do against other Car-Addicts.com readers!

2012 World Most Powerful Brand Ferrari

Car Logos Quiz



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