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Car Addicts in Holland: Is Golf MK5 the best choice?

Here’s a short review for Holland, a well known country, first of all for its windmills and tulips, second of all for its tolerance for drugs and prostitution but here’s a fact some of you aren’t familiar with: the most popular car in Holland is the VW Golf. Other popular vehicles are the Ford Focus automatic and the Renault Meganne Cabriolet.

For example Amsterdam is a very crowded capital city with narrow streets filled with bicycles and few cars.  Something to notice here is that besides riding the bike the citizens prefer the VW Golf Mk5, this car molds perfectly with the tight structure of the city and fulfills the need of a fast and safe way of transportation for its customers. Like in many other countries and cities the main owners of this type of car are the young folks that are impressed by its excellent driving position, fine instruments and strong engine.

The Mk5 Golf is a great re-design and improvement from the earlier model, particularly due to the all new rear multi link suspension, although with the wider customer demographic vehicle handling dynamics and component quality has been compromised.

This is good news for an enthusiast as there is a lot of potential for improvements on top of good underpinnings. Many people believe that the success behind the MK5 car lies in the engineering team which did marvels and this team was the one responsible for the famous multi-link control blade independent rear suspension system.

Matter of fact; this was one reason why the Volkswagen Golf MK5 was capable of superior road manners and gained a name in the best car handling. So if you are the proud owner of a VW Golf Mk5 or any other kind of VW Golf I recommend you to take it for a spin in Holland, this country and most of all its capital city will provide your car with the best vacation of its life!

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