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50 Brand NEW Chevrolets found in a Closed Car Dealership after 35 years

Just a few days ago an auction company has entered a Chevy dealership to do an inventory and found something truly remarkable. The car dealership was closed down for more than 35 years and doors were bolted shut the whole time. 2013 seems to be the magic number as now the state decided the building may be auctioned with the consent heir. But the surprise was huge when they’ve opened the doors!


Lambrecht Chevy Auction

A former Nebraska Chevrolet dealer reopened its doors to the public after more than 35 years. Original company went bankrupt and the state hired a company that organizes auctions to evaluate the goods that are inside. Only heir did not know what hides inside the garage.

They have found a real treasure inside the building that had padlock for decades. Among the 500 cars that formed the Lambrecht dealer fleet there were approximately 50 brand new cars.

The most rare and expensive of these are: a Chevrolet Cameo Pickup, 1956, which has only one mile on board, (ie run for 1.6 km) a 1964 Chevrolet Impala ran for just 4 miles, a 1960 Chevrolet Corvair with 17 miles on board and a ’78 Corvette with 4 miles.

2013 Lambrecht Chevy Auction Cars

50-old-chevrolet-auction 9

Lambrecht Chevy Auction 2

50-old-chevrolet-auction 7

Lambrecht Chevy Auction 3

50-old-chevrolet-auction 8

Lambrecht Chevy Auction 4

These cars had the price and accessories lists under the wiper, plastic on the seats and factory tires, so chances are they’ll soon return to an original state. With some cleaning here and there and a brief review, these rare specimens will be brand new and also be worthing a LOT of money.

Besides these new cars and hundreds of used cars they’ve also found a bunch of spare parts, old commercials and even Chevrolet children toys. Now, the heir will earn good money, even if she initially wanted to leave the state take everything.

Lambrecht Chevy Auction Video

That’s right, there are so many willing to pay good money,even hundreds of thousands, for each copy of these brand new unused cars, a state in which it is impossible to find another car nowadays. All those interested in buying these jewels should head over to Pierce City, in the state of Nebraska between 28 to 29 September, In the U.S., obviously.

Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction Car Photos

50-old-chevrolet-auction 4

Lambrecht Chevy Auction 5


50-old-chevrolet-auction 2

Lambrecht Chevy Auction 4 Miles Car

50-old-chevrolet-auction 6

Lambrecht Chevy Auction Limited Edition

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