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Toyota RAV4 2.2 D-4D 150 hp the Land Cruiser Baby

If you’ve always wanted a German Shepherd breed but you get satisfied with a puppy bought from neighbors, you will probably make a compromise and with the car park in your garage. For example, if you’re passionate outbursts terrain, but a Land Cruiser far surpasses your financial possibilities, you may be tempted to buy bottled Japanese experience a slightly smaller bottle: RAV4. But do not think to drive it throught the untouched mud, with the boys, nor the routes with snow half a meter. Temper your passions, RAV4 offers you only an acceptable ground clearance, a high driving position and a permanent 4×4 traction. In other words, do not expect a Land Cruiser in miniature.

Engine / Transmission
Our test about RAV4, equipped with the already popular D-4D diesel 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine and particulate filter. Unit hidden under the hood put on tray for the driver a total power of 150 horses, available at 3600 rpm and a torque sufficient to exceed the threshold of 300 Nm, necessary to any model who wants to escape from a rough terrain, more precise – 340 Nm. Torque occurs at 2000 rpm, although this would have been welcomed at 1,500 rpm. No speed range that is felt the maximum torque (between 2000 and 2800 rpm) is a very generous, but enough for a normal and waist D-4D diesel’s. Overall, the resources offered by Toyota propeller are enough to make the RAV4 a dynamic machine, able to deliver pleasurable sensations those who see a car, but a useful means of transport. The six-speed transmission, is wonderful, report engine box is very balanced. Ratios of six-speed manual is very good, the box is oriented towards achieving a lower fuel consumption.

And because all I got to consumption should say RAV4 behaves like a compact sedan when it comes to values recorded in urban traffic or extra. It seems that the new Toyota Optimal Drive technology makes its presence felt and enforce the motto: “Minimum & Maximum“.To the 150 horsepower, the Japanese crossover needs 8.3 liters per 100 km in city traffic, given that acceleration is not forced, and about 6.2 litres/100 km on national highways, when no salt running speed of 120 km/h. If we balance the values obtained by us with those included in owners manual, 7.5 liter, 5.2 litres/100 km city and outside it, see that the values are quite close, a sign that a sparing of the accelerator and change reports as indicator board can bring about consumer records.

Toyota RAV4 is not intended to run fast, or to push you in the seat when you step the accelerator pedal. The torque gives the impression of dynamism and agility, however, crossover is able to sprint from 0 to 100 kph in 10.2 seconds. There is an impressive value, but compared to rivals in the segment, RAV4 is faster, leaving behind heavy competitors such as the Tiguan, CR-V or Freelander Kuga. Maximum speed, 190 km/h, is as decent one.

Toyota could be seen as a Japanese Volvo at conservatism if we refer to its interior, designed for customers with a highly developed sense of quality. The Japanese tried to compromise and do not spoil their passengers with quality materials, soft plastic, pleasant to the touch, at least in the upper dashboard and door faces. There are some compromises made in the bottom of the dashboard, where plastic is soft and unfriendly, while keeping the same texture. Tiles were made with great attention to detail as if each were inside a mechanical watch made by Casio. And I have to keep in mind that the observations we made are based on a test specimen with more than 18,000 km on board. Quality materials were used and dressing seat, leather is high quality, as was the steering wheel and shift dresses. The display is user friendly, multimedia system is very useful and good ergonomics. In terms of space, the Japanese tried to offer something more there than in class sedans in the rear seats. Here, the seat can fit up to three people who will travel comfortably without fear of colliding with the ceiling or head to wake up with numb feet. But compromise is the boot, which swallows only 410 liters, Tiguan and CR-V is also proved generous to this chapter. RAV4 has an ace in sleeve, namely opening the trunk. Vertically positioned hinges allow easy loading of luggage and everything else in the trunk.

Quality / Price
S crossover segment is very disputed, activating all the big manufacturers in this market, which increased over the past five years fantastic. Toyota is one of the pioneers in the segment, RAV4 is a veteran in terms of number of copies sold and experience. Rising Sun Tara thought pattern away from 25,537 euros including VAT, prices valid for the 2.0-liter gasoline version. For those wanting a diesel in the garage but the Japanese offer a D-4D which starts at 30,707 euros, equipment level executive. If you want more and more, that is a Luxury version will have to deprive you of 33.867 euros, the amount for which you get 150 horse engine, permanent four-wheel drive, manual shift with a series of six reports that will make life optional easier. In the segment, other manufacturers have tried to offer models with similar powers, but equally powerful. Take for example Volkswagen Tiguan, VW’s first attempt to penetrate this segment, resulting in successful sales. The German start at 24,970 euros, but if you want a diesel version at least 140 horses and pack wheel drive 4MOTION Track & Field you need to know what it can out of pocket since 28,517 euros including VAT. Ford Kuga comes also as an outsider in the segment, which proposes as a starting price of 24,930 euros. But if you want all-wheel drive and a diesel engine along with 136 horsepower and a top Titanium equipment, prepare to ease your account with 30,523 euros. Noble son, Land Rover Freelander starts with the same off-road experience as RAV4, as a DNA carrier passionate appreciated. Or starting price is 29,988 euros with VAT but a diesel version top equipment 160 horsepower and 400 Nm can to get rid of 42,007 euros with VAT. Fellow of the Honda, while not enjoying the same experience as Toyota off-road starts at 23,776 euros with VAT but a diesel 2.2-liter i-CTDi 140 horsepower version top executive comes close RAV4, which is at 32,701 euros.

To the EuroNCAP tests in 2006, Toyota RAV4 enjoy not only the four stars for adult protection. In case of frontal impact air bag broke lat, the driver’s head was endangered, and driver knee came into contact with board structures, despite the presence of a particular bag. Toyota revised front air bag triggering system, the car has been retested, the results were good but the Japanese said no changes will apply models which have already been sold. RAV4 has washed sins side impact test and the pole where there has been no objection. The Crossover has done well and children occupant protection, which drew four stars, but also to protect pedestrians, which received three stars, a score that is acceptable. RAV4 propose its passengers a front curtain SRS airbags, side curtain and driver’s right knee. Chapter remember this active safety features like ABS systems with EBD and BA, TRC (traction control system), VSC (advanced stability control) and HAC (support system to start the slope).

RAV4 trying to satisfy even the most refined tastes, offering all a number of useful gadgets and very handy. We speak mainly of a multimedia system designed and a 7-inch LCD screen. Drivers and passengers can receive information on travel, they can listen to your favorite music and can store data on hard disk 40 GB built, of which 10 are dedicated exclusively to music. Conditioning system on two areas, auxiliary connection for iPod or MP3 player, electric driver’s seat adjustment and rain sensors and light equipment complete list. Do not miss any Smart Entry & Start system, which facilitates access to the vehicle and start it. Also in the category of systems that simplify life recall cruise control driver’s with a good response to the deceleration and acceleration.

Although the design does not prevail in this segment, Toyota RAV4 wanted to ensure that the public can be and to please women. Line forms, calm, less aggressive and design philosophy of the brand make a model RAV4 nice, but has become quite commonplace lately. But Toyota is going to change public perception soon with the Facelift presented by the Japanese in the Geneva Motor Show. Tested new version was made noticeable by a set of 17-inch wheels, chromed bars, roof anchor and rear windows with tint.

Source: AutoMarket.ro


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