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Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D – The Awesome Sumo Wrestler

Despite the fact that it is slow, massive and less attractive, a Sumo wrestler can be a top competitor in its segment. Toyota Land Cruiser in many ways resembles a Sumo wrestler, only much nicer. If you want a model of land that will provide reliable, single and feeling that you can overcome any obstacle that you can win an off-Roader, must try Toyota Land Cruiser 150.

Engine / Transmission

The car Land Cruiser tested is equipped with a D-4D diesel engine of 3.0 liters, which develops 173 hp and 410 Nm. This engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, which benefits from a second reducer and differential can be locked electronically. Center differential and rear differential can be locked electronically by pushing a button and the gearbox is located on the center console and can be acted whenever the driver needs to exceed a difficult area. In terms of halves, Land Cruiser is optimized for comfort on long road and fuel economy, but the three-liter diesel engine does not disappoint you in an over common sense. If you sporting ambitions, it is appropriate to use manual mode of transmission because it offers something changes gears faster.


Although off-Roader is a huge, nearly three tons, and has a three-liter engine with four-cylinder, Toyota Land Cruiser can be considered an economic model. The Japanese from Toyota announces an urban consumption of 10.4 liters and 6.7 liters consumption per cent extra. Despite a busy traffic and the temperatures went below zero degrees, Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4D has consumed 13 liters of fuel in the city and just 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers in extra treatment. On the highway, the Japanese model gratulate us with 9 liters per cent circulating 10 km/h the maximum legal rate allowed. In a direct comparison between technical books, the only models that are more economical than the Land Cruiser are the BMW X5 xDrive 30d facelift version, Lexus RX 450h and the new Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI version, which has an average consumption of 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. Toyota announces an average consumption of 8.1 liters per specimen tested, but it showed us that the model has an average fuel consumption 10.2 liters per cent.


Being available in a single diesel engine version, who offers 173 hp and 410 Nm, Toyota Land Cruiser is not far from the fastest model of the gauge of the market but maybe the best. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is accomplished in 11.7 seconds and top speed of this model is 175 km/h. The Japanese model pays tribute to both the performance that is oriented as a low fuel consumption and not for special performances, and its total mass is close to three tons.


Land Cruiser has a spacious interior, which offers seven seats, each with a high level of space. The interior is geared toward comfort and technology, and something that illustrates this would be diesel engine of the second row of seats. The boot is also very large and access is achieved as in a normal door, the trunk opening the door from left to right. While passengers are pampered with space and comfort, the driver is confused by the excessive number of buttons placed around it. If people could act buttons knees, Land Cruiser car would be perfectly for them. For example, the Japanese model has orders for suspension right knee and controls for mirrors and other similar elements are mounted in the driver’s right knee shaking. Steering wheel with wood inserts and he has a series of buttons on it and controls all electronic systems on board are all located on the left half of the board and the entire center console. Armrest is chilled and provides generous space and rear passengers have tested version we are spoiled with a retractable LCD screen, you can watch movies and view the information displayed on the main screen multimedia system. Rear Screen is controlled by a remote control so that passengers are not forced to lie to orders when they are anchored by seat belts.

Quality / Price

The specimen tested (version equipment Luxury) has a starting price of 60,755 euros. The basic version of his Land Cruiser starts at 47,795 euros in UE, being cheaper than the Mercedes-Benz ML, BMW X5 and Audi Q7. Cheaper than Land Cruiser are Land Rover Discovery and Volvo XC90, with a starting price of 41,626 euros, 39,437 euros respectively. Meanwhile, the current Volkswagen Touareg, another potential rival for the Japanese model has a starting price of 39,207 euros.


Given that the model has been tested by EuroNCAP, we will compare the safety features offered with other models in the segment. Thus, Toyota Land Cruiser has ABS, EBD, stability control system with torque control system active, a downhill assist system and assistance to climb sloping, curtain airbags and seven airbags, including a bag driver’s knee. Active front headrests and electronically controlled suspension system. In principle, the Land Cruiser manages to rise to the level of evidence presented by direct rivals in the segment, with an addition to certain technological systems found in standard.


We tested benefits from a dynamic kinetic KDSS suspension system, which is electronically controlled. Adaptive variable suspension system incorporates roll Posture control function and a set of pockets of air with a control function of ground clearance. The driver may be lowered or raised automatically or everything depending on needs. Land Cruiser’s suspension has three settings – Normal, Comfort and Sport, but the difference between the three modes is relatively difficult to grasp. The model presents a roll of the body of a model also reduced dimensions, but Land Cruiser remains the path that a print driver on the road with the steering wheel.


Being equipped with a complex system of cameras and parking sensors, Japanese model gives the driver a full view of the surrounding elements. Side mirrors have size more than generous, and they can provide supervision other road users. Inclination windscreen pillars and the driver doesn’t mind the turns close, Land Cruiser offers a best in field of vision.

9/10: Technology

As we mentioned in the Interior chapter Land Cruiser is tan with technological elements. From a performance audio system, DVD player, navigation system, video cameras for the outside LCD screen for rear passengers, Japanese model deserves a high score in this chapter. Basically, the only thing that’s missing his Land Cruiser as a multimedia system to integrate all the functions for which the Japanese have placed buttons on the dashboard and center console of this model.


An Off-roader is not very aesthetic, and a car for terrain was never really nice. Land Cruiser is a solid model with off-Roader skills surrounded by an aura of massiveness. The model shows its maturity by its design and it is obvious that it is targeted for those who want a functional model but with character and outstanding ability. Toyota Land Cruiser 150 is not an SUV with skills for Off-Road but an Off-Roader with looks for an SUV.

Source: AutoMarket.ro


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