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Test Drive: Volkswagen Touareg – King Attack

Year of grace 2002. Volkswagen launched a model that was expected throughout the car industry: the Touareg. German’s first SUV in the market managed to force a good time, managed to impose little trouble in a segment that was at that time only one who truly was born. Since then eight years have passed, and the Touareg is the market with fresh forces. The second generation Volkswagen SUV has kept the basic attributes of its ancestor, but everything that could be borrowed from the Porsche Cayenne and brother out on the market in a new form and with a different image. Our impression is that the Touareg has matured very quickly, differences from previous generation is more than obvious. And more, the Touareg has been transformed from an “SUV of the people” in a car that has no problem to soar into a war with enemies that were considered far more superior. And this is reflected implicitly in the endnote, one that until two days ago it seems impossible. But there are surprises. X5 and ML, are you tuned?

Engine / Transmission
We have tested the entry-level version of the Touareg range, a 3.0-liter V6 TDI that develops 240 hp and torque that made us happy in the two days we had contact with the German model: 550 Nm. Great appearance with eight steps, however transmission is coupled to the engine, it really proved to be suitable for power resources of the SUV from Wolfsburg. Torque is available from 2000 rpm and maximum power is delivered at 4,000 rpm. As above telling you, the new eight-speed transmission with Tiptronic is the real novelty in this chapter, both for the Touareg and the VAG group. Besides a central differential lock, the transmission has three modesDrive, Sport and Manual. Moreover, the model also benefits from a stop-start system which gives the German a chance to display a fuel economy interesting. The torque provided by engine / transmission are truly impressive, even if alone version “entry level” in the Touareg range. Thus, although the tested model is equipped with numerous optional equipment, even basic version of the Touareg V6 TDI is equipped with this transmission. The main reason for the Volkswagen Group has adopted this transmission is represented mainly by its ability to save fuel, running at any speed to you can imagine being accompanied by a higher level than normal running. The engine proves to be much, much quieter than the previous generation of the Touareg team and the offered sound is sometimes even enjoyable. In general, the engine is barely heard in the cabin, fan heaters are more “noisy” than the engine to maximum speed to moderate. If we were looking for evidence that the Touareg has increased over the next generation model fights alongside BMW X5 3.0d, an equivalent engine known for its value. Surprisingly or not, the model in Wolfsburg to keep pace with the X5, with a torque exceeding 10 Nm despite a less than 5 hp. The difference of 150 rpm comes when the maximum torque, is so subtle that BMW beat Touareg with just 0.2 seconds in acceleration from 0-100 km/h, but the model in Wolfsburg as champion at maximum speed with 218 km/h.

Touareg V6 TDI sits not at all a bad fuel. German model enjoys the advantage of belonging to this line BlueMotion is fitted with a stop-start system that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in urban areas. As for the difference in power and acceleration times comparable to the X5 and Touareg powered by a test site, the two models show the same difference when it comes to fuel consumption. While both manufacturers announced an average consumption of 7.4 liters of diesel for the above mentioned models, X5 3.0d consumes 0.1 liters per cent less in the city to the Touareg V6 TDI, while the consumption model in Wolfsburg recovered from extra- with a value of 6.5 liters / 100 km,  respectively, 0.2 liters less than the X5 3.0d. Reality has shown us that the Touareg can consume only 10 liters of fuel in urban areas – value obtained in a system running relaxed and using stop-start system integrated. If you encounter a busy traffic, you get a fuel consumption located at around 12 to 13 liters per hundred kilometers. Running on the highway, the model shows a consumption of 9.2 liters per cent in conditions that constantly run at 120 km/h. Running the environment is the extra consumption of 7.5 liters / 100 km.

As I stated above, the Touareg SUV is a performance, but offers a great benefit for its capabilities in this chapter officially announced. The secret lies especially in diets that Volkswagen has announced that he thought a particular model or the largest. Touareg V6 TDI accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, taking second place in a ranking of models with engines of similar power as the BMW X5 3.0d, which carries out this task in 7.6 seconds. However, the Touareg‘s maximum speed is higher than that of the X5, which is recommended as one of the two league leaders such engines. Obviously, there is a V8 diesel in the Touareg‘s fitting, he stood at the place of honor in the top performance diesel engines, being over X5 xDrive40d, the diesel version of BMW’s top.

Inside the tested SUV, equipped with walnut trim and leather Vienna quality model in Wolfsburg bring to a close with the extremely which are rivals. Interior design is not the same level of vanguardism with appearance, but what defines the character models sober Teutonic mark. Finishes and attention to detail are presented by Volkswagen engineers but remarkable all the interior appears to have been drawn to a higher segment model. Touareg‘s interior appears to be part of category winners, not the one that covers a range of mass producer. It is hard to find a glitch in the interior of the Touareg, th VW SUV is a kind of “transformed” Phaeton into the model field when it comes to interior materials and German engineers. Moreover, even mathematics gives us the right, the new Touareg wheelbase is over all non-premium rivals and beat top rival of the segment. It is difficult however to give the Touareg and the maximum score. Size alone breathable quality opponents, and these things look easy.

Quality / Price
Raising the bar of quality has a reverse effect on prices, which climbed sharply for the next generation of the German model. In fact, the price is his Achilles heel for Touareg models attacking interesting market launch by just two engines – both Diesel – base V6 being tested. Touareg starts at 44,763 euros with VAT included. For this amount you receive eight-speed Tiptronic transmission, lots of airbags in standard equipment in even power adjustable air suspension. To have all the information that was equipped the tested car, but must “remove” more money from your pocket, 61,066 euros, VAT included. The first phase will be tempted to say that the Touareg is even “cheaper”, especially if you compare equivalent basic versions of BMW X5, Mercedes ML and Volvo XC90, and even the Subaru Tribeca. On the other hand, brand profile, the range of the Volkswagen Touareg and exceptionally allow comparison with all the SUVs in this segment, regardless of their market positioning. In this case, the Touareg is not quite so “cheap”, with 11,000 euros difference between the basic version of the Touareg and Hyundai ix55, for example, and a difference in euros between 1500-2000 model in Wolfsburg and Volvo XC90. To get an idea about who raised the Touareg, the German model is only 5,000 euros cheaper than the Toyota Land Cruiser 150 in a comparable version. Admittedly, the two models have different character and clientele, one being dedicated mainly asphalt, one in particular in off-road running. And the price difference between the two models is based on each manufacturer’s way, Toyota is specially equipped for rough terrain, while the Touareg is designed to combine the best possible road to off-road. If you liked the first generation of the Touareg, you may find that the note is slightly larger, because the improvements are noticeable, and progress is evident.

Although the Touareg has not yet been tested by the independent body Euro NCAP, his predecessor received five stars in safety tests in 2004, we believe this model will make it so, given the long list of equipment and systems designed for safety. We will watch carefully EuroNCAP test results to see if the “suspicion” has failed us or not.

The new Touareg is so constructed that it gives the impression that you are in a car so massive. Although larger in size than the previous generation Volkswagen offers, with adjustable seats in all possible directions, a position that you have problems you see around. Mirrors are suitable for model size, and video cameras and sensors surrounding the all-round tool enables you to move in space at times in trying to get used to the size model. Driving position is a tall, imposing stature worthy of the Touareg, which gives you a sense of safety in traffic. Overall, the chapter has been improved visibility over the old model, although – inevitably for an SUV – some areas remain and will remain dead points for a driver assistance system is not developed specifically to meet the challenges of this type.

From folding tow hook that started on Porsche Panamera to function system that includes Park View Area Pilot. Just to get used to all the equipment you need for hours, but intuitive controls and location of optional navigation menu helps you see the road in seconds. Then gradually get used to all the facilities available on board, only elements missing that you would be able to add people from Volkswagen being ventilated seats, electrically adjustable steering column and possibly a number of multimedia enhancements for rear passengers. Compass navigation system detailed and attractive color graphics are the delight of any hiking enthusiast, while touch screen helps you easily operate the controls more or less complex vehicle.

Touareg fits better now than in recent age line of Volkswagen vehicles, lending bluntly what the automotive world simply calls “the face of golf.” There is but a mere copy, but rather a pleasant adaptation of German compact lines, appearing before the public Touareg in a form that is not necessarily aggressive, but is balanced. “Facial Treatment” includes for the Touareg and the LED lights, but a pair of stops is clearly reminiscent of those of the new Polo. Inside like he deviated from the classic Volkswagen line exactly as it needs to emphasize that the Germans mean SUV primarily an escape from what until a decade ago that meant building a brand range models available for everyone. No, the Touareg is not for everyone and it now sees implicit in its exterior and interior lines.

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