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Test Drive: Porsche Cayenne SUVereign

Today we’ve decided to take Porsche Cayenne for a test drive! Porsche striked again. The model created a decade ago for the Stuttgart brand is now the backbone of Porsche sales – Cayenne. Well, that goes back, Porsche is making a comeback with a new generation. One that really fails to live up to the mark. The SUV market dynamic attack the top end of competition by engines in November, including a hybrid version of the already known diesel engine. Over all though, Porsche Cayenne comes with a new design, with the strongest indoor market with an unrivaled dynamic behavior of machines over two tons. We have tested in Greece the most powerful one, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo 500 hp version, and I felt things not thought possible in an SUV.

Porsche Cayenne Test Drive

Porsche Cayenne Engine / Transmission
When you say Porsche Cayenne Turbo you say 500 bhp engine. Whether you refer to old or new generation. However, the differences are huge between the two generations. Reason: new eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission developed by ZF that seems perfectly tailored for this engine. Talk of a 4.8-liter V8 that ranks second from the bottom up in terms of displacement (only BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 or fall below).

Maximum power of 500 horses is reached at 6,000 rpm and 55 hp is lowered than the X5 and X6 M version with 10 hp less than that of M63 AMG and Range Rover Sport, but with more than 115 hp that of the Infiniti FX50S. But Porsche has put stress on the engine’s huge torque (700 Nm), the largest in the segment. Eight-speed box makes all the difference. Especially developed to remove the maximum performance and minimum consumption, ZF transmission in our test showed that Greece has the ability to lead the third stage up to 180 km/h if needed, but that can run at 90 km/h at 1000 rpm eighth step to reduce consumption to levels unprecedented in the segment. Obviously, the transmission fails to make you understand that the shift lever will become a thing of the past few years, driving pleasure is processed manually without automatic loss of driving pleasure. There is the SUV segment torque-box found more efficient than the Cayenne Turbo.

Porsche Cayenne Consumption
Porsche Cayenne Turbo is the best-performing model in the world in SUV segment. And yet, the Cayenne Turbo is the most economical model in its segment. Cayenne Turbo is so intelligently designed that it will have no problem with the drive into town, for example. Porsche model consumes 1.5 liters less than the Infiniti FX50S, the closest model to this chapter (11.5 vs. 13.0 litres/100 km). But remind you that the Japanese model has a 385 hp engine only. Obviously, the positive hero of this picture is the same eight-speed ZF transmission which gives the opportunity to be first Cayenne Turbo SUV performance in the world whose stated extra consumption fall below 9 liters (technical book 8.8). Road test conducted exclusively in extra urban conditions has shown a consumption of 12-13 liters while the car has run in Sport mode speeds went up to 250 km/h.

Porsche Cayenne Performances

Porsche Cayenne Test Drive

Drive Test for Porsche Cayenne

When you hear that an SUV that comes in 4.7 seconds from 0-100 km/h, the first impulse is to check the figures to test the veracity of the claim. When you are driving a SUV that can that, the feeling is a natural rather than an other. You feel you pass the first 100 km per hour from the starting place, and this is acknowledged by Porsche engineers a very relevant detail: the speedometer is graduated from 50 to 50 km/h. There are only three SUVs in the world which can do 0-100 in less than five seconds: Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M. The two Bavarian models do it but with 55 hp more powerful engines. Moreover, taking advantage of the fact that Porsche has built its own league and in terms of maximum speed – 278 km/h, clearly superior to all rivals in the segment, limited or not at 250 km/h. To properly view the performance characteristics of German SUV, imagine how it would be to stay at the wheel of an SUV traveling one km from the starting place only in 23.5 seconds. This is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

Porsche engineers are aware of the views of those who argue that the Panamera‘s interior is more successful than the exterior, and interior Cayenne developed on the lines already known brother of the range, supplementing them with Cayenne classical elements such as interior handles found now on both the central console and the door. Another element that breathes “Porsche” with all his being is the gauges, dials placed five consecutive semicircular shape with the center rev counter. Dynamic design that perfectly complements the outer profile of the car is backed by evidence rises to the level of elegance, sportiness and quality Porsche.

We had a 7 inch TFT screen that holds all system controls the machine, I sat on a 18-way adjustable seat and dynamically adapts automatically to the size of the driver, I heated and ventilated by I three-step commands act not only on the seat and backrest, but also on areas outside of the seat I had in hand a three-spoke steering wheel obviously decreased from the previous generation, high-class materials, I felt the car and sat on the bench to provide three individual and is also adjustable front/rear and the seat angle. All are impeccable. Space there will be no problem for him Cayenne passengers, whether alone or at the inner for luggage. In the latter case, the Porsche Cayenne offers 670 liters absolute record in the segment. We must not forget the feeling of a high quality printing available optional Alcantara roof or Burmester audio system with 16 speakers that we have nothing to reproach.

Porsche Cayenne Quality / Price
Cayenne is a Porsche. In other words, to take possession of the most expensive performance SUV market must have a fat account and not think about the monthly lease amount. Luxury to have a Cayenne Turbo in the garage will cost at least 121,914 euros each optional item that you want to add an already very rich equipment calculating the scale of hundreds or thousands of euros. The top version that we tested, for example, goes to a brief account on more than 170,000 euros. At this level, but the amounts are less important than the elements that gives your car. And future holders of the new Cayenne Turbo are not at all disappointed by this.

Porsche Cayenne Safety
A car that reaches 278 km/h and has enough space to accommodate the latest active safety systems, passive and assistance is not allowed to go alone. The new Cayenne have input warning systems to change the tape, a package of active cruise control which we will talk more in chapter Technology or the Porsche Dynamic Light System, which makes the headlights to become a real help at night. Not missing airbags (10 in number with all of the optional Rear Seat), Porsche mounting two sensors for the front airbags to be opened depending on the area and impact strength.

Porsche Cayenne Visibility
In Cayenne, the real challenges in front of place. That does not mean that designers have ignored Cayenne visual needs for the driver. Moreover, it is normal that one of the most expensive models on the market range to offer customers the maximum possible point of view. Although you can expect something else from a model created for those who like a sports car – be it an SUV – the Cayenne is able to transform a dynamic exterior design and a look inside to outside without any problems.

Basically, you have trouble adjusting to the Cayenne‘s steering wheel, interior approach is correct and in this regard. If you mention the fact that the new Porsche Cayenne has everything fitting Volkswagen Group is best in terms of technology, so that support systems and parking sensors are classics seem an age old invention, the picture becomes clear. No wonder increasingly see more women behind the wheel of this SUV: this is a very clear indication that tied the visibility is no longer a problem for some time.

Porsche Cayenne Technology
A higher SUV segment which cost over 120,000 euros must not disappoint the technology chapter. Besides the whole army of technological packages that actively contribute to the stability of the German model, Porsche Cayenne equipped with multimedia systems and safety test were delighted with the new German model. I was faced with excellent air conditioning system of the Cayenne, the heat in Greece was attacked by a pack of four areas of action that has been optimized to quickly relieve each passenger in the cockpit. We tested the active cruise control package, the first that I saw acting exactly as if it were acting at the wheel brakes and acceleration.

For example, when the Porsche Cayenne reaches a traffic light system has suddenly brakes, but maintain a very low speed 50 meters before the car already stopped, will consider whether the machine automatically stops or returns to the original set speed when traffic lights go in the meantime the green. In aid for the driver package comes Lane Change Assistant (ACL), which monitors real-time zone around the car and inform you if there is any traffic partener’s blind spot. Porsche Communication Manager Package (standard on the Cayenne Turbo and optional on other versions of the German model) control by the central monitor audio and multimedia systems.

Talking audio packages, Porsche Cayenne make Bose package of 585W to become a simple level crossing between the standard package on all versions and system Burmester High-End Surround System, which developed more than 1000 watts through 16 speakers coupled a 300-watt subwoofer.

Porsche Cayenne Design One of the greatest automotive designers today, Walter de Silva, chief creative office of Volkswagen Group, said some time ago that it is much easier to draw a very expensive car than a cheap. For that budget limits are relative to the models over 50,000 euros. Well, Porsche Cayenne fits perfectly in the first group and the relative freedom of the designers would have to cause a model to overflowing with imagination and creativity.

If Porsche, however, things are not so simple. Porsche means more than anything, history and classical lines, and cayenne must, willy nilly, to fall within the range lines. Porsche designers came office a clear pattern of change compared with the older generation, but which retains its unique character. Before it was simplified, but became more aggressive by the appearance of additional lines of print that serves dynamic Cayenne looks obvious. Although size is greater than the previous generation, the Porsche Cayenne has a dynamic profile, a curved line of the roof and plunged imagine showing that an SUV may look controversial sports without aesthetic experiences.

I should add a few words about interior design, which is not only the most successful SUV segment, but one of the top candidates in first position all-time in industry. Inspired by the Panamera, Cayenne‘s interior not only fails to meet the needs of demanding customers space and comfort of the mark, but their aesthetic ideas. The only factor that causes discussion is back, and especially the taillights, whose form does not match the overall look of the car. And it’s a pity, given the fact that the Porsche Cayenne is designed to be watched especially from the rear. There is a small detail which remove even this disadvantage: night, LED taillights and silhouette posterior car looks sensational. This was our test drive for Porsche Cayenne!

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