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Test Drive: Dacia Duster – The Desert Prince

Colibasi 1968. Nicolae Ceausescu, President of the Socialist Republic of Romania, when he saw the first Dacia said it was “too luxurious for idiots.” Engineers then rushed to release “unnecessary luxuries” such as radio, right side mirror and heated rear passengers. Pitesti 1999. Renault bought the Dacia plant and proposes an ambitious plan to relaunch the Romanian brand. The public was skeptical watching the coming of French. They preferred a “German mark”. Geneva 2010. Dacia launches at the Geneva Auto Show its first SUV in history and put a foundation stone in building an international brand. Ceausescu would probably twist in his grave if he could see the evolution of Romanian car manufacturer, after almost 42 years of existence. Dictator would be disappointed to learn that French mounted radio back in place and the right side mirror (for heating the rear passengers we have to wait), moreover introduced in the Dacia range electric windows, ABS, airbags, air conditioning and other useful luxuries Dacia has now a new range top, in which prospective customers can see a full model and a practical utility. It’s Duster, SUV that I’ve waited breathless for almost two years since rumors first began to appear and spy photos. Chronology of events that have followed step by step development model 4×4 came to an end today. Outcome brought us face to face with Duster, of whose company we enjoyed on the Moroccan roads, cut through the barren desert and through the rocky mountains.

Engine / Transmission
I chose to talk today about the test and version 1.5 dCi 85 hp, though I held the steering wheel in hand and more powerful version, the 110 horsepower, but only off-road environment. Four-cylinder unit offers a series of modest value on paper, the 85 horses being rather Sandero or any model according to a subcompact. But if we take into account that Romanian SUV weighs less than 1,200 kg, the combination of an engine also seems quite logical resources. Total power, felt at 3750 rpm, combined with a decent and sufficient torque of 200 Nm, which begin to show its “milk teeth” (about fangs  we’re talking about the 115 horses version) at 1,900 rpm. Torque proves to be sufficient to drive the SUV from Mioveni and give a decent and dynamic behavior. Those who were expecting a quiet dCi will be but a bit disappointed by faulty soundproofing, which allows passengers to attend the hearing roar uf the engine when tachometer needle reaches the highest areas. As expected, the diesel unit is attached to them with a manual five reports. The New model brought new basic features in this chapter. Race has become shorter and more precise, we could say hopeful, though feeling that catch lever when seeking the ideal ratio is still feels dull. If we talk about but its operation should note positive and gear ratios that resources can be exploited better engine at low revs. The first report is somewhat short, according to an off-road escapade and quite able to substitute downhill assist function when the land is dry.

The main reason for the people who will opt for the diesel engine of 85 horses will be consumption. DCI does not disappoint in this chapter, which means that prospective customers will be money well invested. SUV owners manual promises to consumption of only 5.7 (6.5) l in the city, but expect that it will swallow in a busy city somewhere over 6.5 liters per 100 km. Under extra figures are more encouraging, the ratio of only 85 horses 4.9 litres/100 km, at least judging by the words of the Dacia officials. During our test, Duster remained almost as stingy, contenting himself with about 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers, even though he had to face a difficult trail with sections of pavement and uneven road and the air conditioning worked continuously .

Duster is not intended to be one segment performers when it comes to acceleration and speed. Romanian SUV satisfied with a sprint from 0-100 km/h in 13.9 seconds, meaning you have enough time to look at the adjacent forest roads to fill your need for adrenaline. Top speed is also an honorable for our country roads, 156 km/h. If you look at the bright side, you risk on our highways you choose not only a fine and license lifted. Compared with other rivals in the segment, Duster not sit very well in this chapter, as to not likely to succeed his side draw their audience that wants a more dynamic and agile SUV up to 100 km/h.

Although long criticized for pragmatism that guide patterns of range, those of the Dacia not changed much inside his Duster. Same monotonous appearance, at times amused by the new instrument cluster display of lively, with some usability issues, but the public got used and it has adopted over time. Air-conditioning controls are located just down power windows all remained on board and the central part of the horn is still in the end acting lever lights and signs. But appearing on the steering wheel controls, improperly baptized just because they are actually in it, the steering column, similar to those of the brothers of concern, the Renault brand. Positioning controls on the right side seems a little absurd, considering that the audio system is also positioned on top of the board and could be easily operated by the driver. But close your eyes before this decision motivated by cost, so that even the French brothers, with larger claims have not escaped this glitch. Dacia understood that in order to close the public needs to respect it, respect it can get if you offer quality materials. Plastics used in interior as well as glossy colored inserts used if higher versions, are in good taste and quality. Touch not only on hard surfaces disturbed places, but tries to compensate for texture and make the whole interior space friendly. Finishes looking to be up to the material, but small glitches can also be observed. Another aspect that can boast Duster is the driver’s driving position that feels truly in an SUV. Generous ground clearance, combined with proper seat position, adjustable height, offers the driver a better field of vision and feeling of safety. Model dimensions, as well as generous ground clearance, 4.31 meters long and 1.82 meters wide enough space guarantees five passengers, regardless of where they will occupy in the car. The back seat are not any problems settling in the head and no legs, three adult passengers are welcome even the longest distances. Trunk, although not as roomy as if Logan, keeps one of the greatest values in the segment, 475 liters, being exceeded only by Hyundai ix35. But if you need the size of the boot and not think to carry the bulky items are 475 liters of luggage enough for five people.

Quality / Price
Chapter quality / price Duster is unrivaled. Dacia has maintained plumb and not departed from the low-cost policy under which the brand was born. SUV leaves the product in Mioveni 10,500 euros, the lowest price ever thought of a manufacturer for a model in this segment. Version customer receives money for gasoline and 1.6 liter 16 valve 105 hp 4×2 tractionequipment level Base. But surely the public will target something above the base price, considering that for a 4×4 wheel drive gasoline engine and same you have to pay only 12,300 euros. Diesel fans will be able to buy version 1.5 dCi 85 horses with only 12,900 euros, given that competitors in the segment also offers economical motoring somewhere around 17,000 euros. If you look in the courts Skoda, Hyundai and Kia models on sale notice that the Koreans and Czechs to jump more than the price proposed. A Yeti in the basic version and 105 hp 1.2 TSI 4×2 starts at 15,466 euros, while a choice of 110 hp TDI diesel 4×2, out of pocket since Euro 17 012. The current Kia Sportage, which already waiting replacement released in Geneva, is sold in Europe with 17.612 euros, price applies to version 2.0-liter gasoline and 142 horsepower. Diesel 140 horse and he reached 20 587 euro, without taking into consideration the option of 4×4 traction. The newlyarrived Hyundai ix35, attacking the segment with steep price, which starts at 22,515 euros for the 2WD version 2.0 liters and 163 horsepower. Although engine power is well above what gives Duster difference for more than 10,000 finds no motivation.

Dacia climb the ladder of evolution in safety. Duster manufacturer and novel feature introduced with the simple abbreviated ESP, which translates electronic control of stability, ie the system that can save your life you lose control of the car. Unfortunately, our list has received only two optional side airbags, both front passengers, which can be ordered for those who put a premium on their safety. Duster comes standard with the latest generation Bosch ABS system and with two front airbags, that minimum security that you can get for 10,500 euros. Note for the Romanian model can not be a complete one, considering that EuroNCAP has not tested the Dacia SUV capabilities to different types of impact faced by all new models. But we expect that the Duster to get at least a score close to that of Sandero.

Duster does not raise serious concerns in this chapter. Glass surface is quite large, only flaws are visible when post-pillars, which increase in traffic “blind spot”. Side mirrors are well designed and provides good rear visibility, the tailgate is large and easy maneuvering, parking and front pillars do not mind when you’re little tight cornering. Greater ground clearance will ensure a good angle of the lights at night and the road will be lit properly.

Dacia has tried to offer prospective customers a package of equipment Duster decent brothers found similar to Logan and Sandero. However, management took into account the fact that a peak must be individually range of other brothers somehow. In witness whereof, the SUV comes in premiere with leather upholstery, ESP, and controls on the steering wheel. We do not we just enjoyed the last part. The package is complemented by a trivial features manual air conditioning, a sound system installed, capable of reading MP3 and bear an auxiliary connection, the front and rear electric windows and central locking. Leather upholstery comes in an attractive price and give a touch of quality interior, especially as the steering wheel and shift receive preferential treatment. If the version we tested was deprived of leather.

We talked a lot about Duster’s appearance. Opinions were divided: some were cheered review design philosophy and some more grumbling, they continued to claim that the Dacia car is ugly. What we have said from the very beginning of this chapter is that they do not show price Duster. SUV glad rennet, has a strong point, given the large size and generous bosajele, plus comes with a wide range of exterior colors. For the most demanding, 4×4 model can be ordered with a package “Look”, a name much too demanding for 16-inch aluminum wheels, tint windows with smoky bars flag, mirrors, front and rear protective shield and with protective side sills. Although he is not as charming as Hyundai ix35, Duster kept trying to take a more sober, worthy of its segment, unlike rivals Skoda Yeti and Kia Sportage.

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