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Test Drive: BMW 5 Series

The old BMW 5 Series range is seen as outcast, a rebellious teenager, like Bangle’s expression of non-conformism. It is pure expression of desire to do something different, tragically hit by harsh criticism, but able to answer all the crazy financial success. New generation, sixth in total, it was good. Preserves tradition, walks timidly in the footsteps of Series 7, exploits the limits of decent sense of aggression and tempers design excesses. Weighed, E60 and F10 are two contradictory cars, which abound in an abstract Picasso first car designer (Chris Bangle) and too wise to risk a new wave of criticism. Love the madness or conservatism? Depends only on the spirit of each 5 Series client, present or future. We thank the management of Munich but has not abandoned the idea that a dynamic sedan, ready to snatch you a discreet smile or a healthy guffaw when “posterior” awakes.

Engine / Transmission
I have lived the words “Joy is BMW at the wheel of a diesel version –  530d, or in other words, the perfect balance between power and fuel economy. Review with six-cylinder engine” linear” stirred memories and reconfirmed Aryan racial supremacy, Munich’s area in the field of high performance diesel engines. propeller with six-cylinder 3.0-liter capacity and has provided his tireless troop of 245 horse power, always aided by a couple Motor impressive: 540 Nm. If we consider the sedan full of energy since the 1750 rotations, and all horsepower are at full capacity when tachometer needle climbs to 4000 rpm, we conclude that the Bavarians continue to pick fruit a recipe for success. Needless to say the car feels good in any situation, the acceleration is quick and that resources are sufficient, even if the sedan weighs 1800 kilograms. Details of this kind have already become general rules applicable to within the entire BMW range. but we can not pass over this section without talking about what feels behind the wheel: a strong impulse of acceleration, a feeling of inexhaustible resources, even when run with 200 km/h, an brutality addictive and a symphony baritone, passed only on “common” double evacuation. German diesel but suffers from a maximum discretion and explosive reaction step whenever the accelerator pedal. but the Germans have found a way to refine and brute force performed to give him a limo, just like big brother. For this, BMW has implanted within the new “Shark”, the newest automatic transmission with eight reports, developed together with ZF, ready to offer visual surprises especially sensory. When we say visual news, we mean the gear knob, redesigned, especially the shift paddles behind the steering wheel installed. No, I think the traditional paddles unnecessary and abnormal, we have used so far. BMW has learned from his own mistakes and resorted to using specialists Division I, who transplanted the current M3 shift paddles, more useful and more enjoyable. In terms of sensory experience, with eight reports transmission proves to be very linear, very good storey always ready for a prompt response. its behavior is however influenced completely on how the driver prefers to run: Normal, Comfort, Sport and Sport +. As the name suggests, the transmission can demote violence when necessary, usually when he feels aceleratiei sudden push, or can provide a feeling of floating, cruising smoothly until the ninth heaven, that the eighth report. The conclusion is simple and totally predictable: the whole engine – gearbox it fits the needs and behavior of any driver.

In recent years BMW has tried to build their image of a premium manufacturer, always interested in global warming. As for which engineers have tried all sorts of “little thing” that the average consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by default. Whole progress has been made in this general heading Efficient Dynamics and began to make their place within the whole range of models. Copy we tested gave us the opportunity to “play” with a regenerative brake force, which operates or how or right foot stepping left foot throttle. Marketing or not, Efficient Dynamics makes consumption values to be very low for a 3.0-liter stuck in urban traffic. More specifically, a 530d can please only 10.3 litres / 100 km in a crowded city and about 7 liters / 100 kilometers, when there are no speed excesses on the extra-urban roads.

The new 5 Series is meant to be the most beautiful embodiment of performance. If we look data sheet and then remember what brings transgression accelerator, we can say that essences can be hard on yourself and bottles … large. Diesel manages to sprint from 0-100 km/h in 6.3 seconds, a time better than rivals with similar engines in the segment. For a top, speedometer stops at 250 km/h, that same value that can reach and performance versions, electronically limited, of course.

When he first appeared before the public, the new 5 Series seemed a copy, even in miniature, the 7 Series sedan. Both outside and inside betrayed a lot of similarities. But a closer look, profane eye can discover a lot of lines of influences and feelings hidden in a passenger compartment, characterized by some as boring. Conservative line is preserved dashboard, but is animated by flowing lines and easy to door to center console. Harmony comes to life with perfect lines of high quality materials created specifically for the elite and not for the great mass, also private tactile sensations. Soft plastics in the sink curious fingers, the skin soft and friendly, carefully polished wood inlays and aluminum cold that often slip your hands are just some of the sensory experiences lived inside the new 5 Series. Ever since open door thresholds with aluminum inserts seem to wish you “Welcome home!” and the chairs Oyster Dakota leather cream, welcomes you to embrace the same family, adapted after the last meeting needs. Traditional orange display remained unchanged, but was animated blue display “Efficient Dynamic”. Stain color is true but its iDrive system, which paints the top of the dashboard. The new 5 Series has grown dramatically in size, approaching than 7 Series feature appreciated by some but disapproved by others, who see a loss of individual spirit. Inches to win the German model is felt inside, where four adults will feel completely comfortable (on paper alone five seats). However, the rear seats will not find that the abundance in which you would expect from a model and 4899 mm long 2968 mm wheelbase. No storage space does not impress very much, being unable to host clippings glass doors and other objects somewhat bulky. Good luck with cup holder in the center console and cut pockets on back of front seats. Luggage compartment swallows up to 520 liters, but the client must take care to objects they intend to carry, loading access is obstructed by opening the trunk door.

Quality / Price
When you want a premium segment model must be willing to pay somewhat more than 50,000 euro minimum. In 99% of cases money is not a problem and consequently no optional list. For the other 1% will do but an analysis of price and how it relates to the 5 Series segment rivals. German model starts at 42,661 euros, VAT tax included, valid for the 204 hp 523i version. Your entry-level range will come but only in summer, 520d expected to cost somewhere under 40,000 euros. Segment rivals adopt different policies. As usual, Audi is positioned under Bavarian rivals with a petrol version’s 177-horsepower Audi A6, which starts at 38,674 euros with VAT. To drive the 190 hp gasoline, the price approaches that of BMW‘s, namely 41 625 euros. If we think that those of Munich offers 14 extra horses and a rear propulsion, we might be tempted to pay the 1,000 euros plus. On the other hand, Mercedes E-Class starts at 39,389 euros including VAT, prices valid for the 200 CDI diesel version BlueEfficiency economy. A unit of 204 horsepower gasoline, E250 CGI BlueEfficiency, that found similar to BMW, will pull out of pocket 45,280 euros, with almost 3,000 euros more than the 5 Series. We are moving but attention test version of new 530d, which starts at 50,099 euros with VAT, a pretty steep price, but acceptable in comparison with the competition. An E-Class 350 CDI version BlueEfficiency 231 horses out of pocket 51,884 euros, a big difference if we consider unjustified thruster performance. On the other hand though, the Audi A6 3.0 TDI 233 bhp and quattro traction can start from 46,842 euros with VAT included. Course in all three cases, prices are starting add a few tens of thousands of dollars more, depending on the optionals on the client wishes to hold. Here are prices for a minimum of premium features, found on the BMW 5 Series: Oyster Dakota leather – Euro 1689, front seats “Comfort”, electrically adjustable – Euro 1899, Integral Active Steering – 1470 euros, Adaptive Drive – 2521 euros, navigation system Professional – Euro 2109, Autopilot with Stop & Go function – Euro 1302. The final list of optional test version of new copy price climbed to a total of 65,242 euros excluding VAT, which is 77,637 euros. Bmw 5 Series pricing for 2011.

It is easy to see that Bavarians aim, and probably will get, at five stars in the EuroNCAP test. Merit engineers in Munich but it wants to be near 55% stiffer body, all systems have the sole purpose of avoiding an accident and not necessarily using the other arms of equipment: front airbags, side and curtain. Series of active safety features, recall systems and stability traction control, ABS, and new gadgets that give you the impression that you’re in a Volvo. Although they seem annoying to some, the vast majority will welcome their usefulness. We are talking here about the warning when leaving the tread, which induces a short vibration in the steering wheel to raise awareness driver. Do not we have a sound alert that the Honda Accord or a vibration in the seat as the Citroen C6, but can we please with that. Also, for those looking to make sure to change the tread, an orange triangle, concealed side mirrors, flashing menacingly back when approaching another vehicle. Function is found also in the segment and the other rivals. Another gadget that helps the driver is autopilot with Stop & Go function, which accelerates or brakes depending on the vehicle in front, often avoiding the impact caused by driver inattention. For those really demanding, and proposes a BMW Head-Up Display, capable of displaying a variety of functions, a system that allows not forgetting key contacts in the trunk and the ignition function gradually stops, depending on the intensity of braking.

BMW 5 Series Chapter vision seeks to compensate for the sacrifices made by engineers fluent designers ideas. Side mirrors are not particularly generous, although it can successfully fulfill the duties if they are carefully matched. Rear pillars will be something pretty big for people who have problems with parking behind, but sniper is framed mirror over anti-glare function. The scale model and that the premium segment alone, it would be best placed to choose from the list of optional camera attachment step of reversing. BMW eyes open but for the driver at night. Thanks to the new lighting system and the adaptive bi-xenon headlamps, 5 Series manages to feel as good even after dark. In addition, LED lights front and rear help to individualization model on the road.

To be worthy of its segment, 5 Series had come with a new set of gadgets, ready to give him back even the most demanding customers. BMW to meet current trends and sought to make the interior of the new sedan a true luxury residence on wheels, where you can enjoy your favorite music or audio system performance you can cool off with a fresh, sent four cooling zones automatic. And for busy people who get bored quickly, the package offers plenty of comfortable seats electrically adjustable, from the lumbar area, to those for lateral support and headrests. Do not miss the heated seats front and back three steps, but near the summer makes us want and ventilation, useful when you run long distances and outside temperature alarming. Electrically adjustable steering wheel, leather trim, headlight washing system, rain sensors, light and parking assistant for Blinding, voice commands and Bluetooth are some of functions which are missing inside the Bavarian model. One should note and this iDrive system, which complicates the existence of the wheel as they evolve. Unlike other multimedia systems, but remains easy to use and user friendly. 7-inch color screen will show features audio system, air conditioning, parking sensors and navigation course maps. Finally I saved something for music lovers: USB connection allows the user to save his own profile, defined by a list of favorite songs.

As I told you earlier test, the next generation 5 Series is close to threatening than 7 Series. Bavarians are not afraid of a cannibalization of sales but because each model has its public and well defined, who appreciate different values for both sedans. BMW designers have tried to take the recipe for success inaugurated the series in July, even though they risked being criticized for conservative spirit. But the Germans have taken some precautions, customizing the front and rear lights, the currently developed as a pleasant, less aggressive, digestible to a wide audience. Robust appearance is preserved and highlighted the prominent ribbed hood, side sills, the low ground clearance and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

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