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Test Drive: Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Revival

Test Drive: Alfa Romeo Giulietta

To the Italians is simple: when you know you have a knife to the bone and need an excellent car that make them to rebound, they are more likely to produce a really interesting pattern. Is the case of Alfa Romeo Giulietta, who drew strength from the history of Alfa Romeo‘s sporty appeal that 147 compact segment has excelled, but which has already withdrawn some time.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta test drive

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Test Drive

After all, why Giulietta need to succeed in a market segment more populous than ever? For comfort, superior dynamics, strong engine and a decent price. Well, mostly Italians managed to tick all these requirements. And develop a model which, besides looking good, dynamic capabilities are envied.

I admit: I started the Alfa Romeo Giulietta test drive with the impression that it’s just a little more dynamic version of the Fiat Bravo. But it got some serious gineers who developed a completely different car in terms of behavior. And the change is evidently in good.

Engine / Transmission

For the test in Italy we had two engines, both gasoline: 1.4 Multiair 170 HP and the new 1750 TBI 235 HP, top of the range of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta and best segment to report engine torque/litres. For diesel lovers, Alfa Romeo will have to start a new career market model and two diesel units, a 1.6 105 hp and a 2.0 Multijet of 170 hp. For more details about the 170 hp version, we expect an internal test at the launch in July.

TBI engine (Gasoline Turbo Direct Injection) 1750 cc was presented to us before the test as a top engineering achievement. And what did the Italians: the power/liter ratio is the best in Alfa Romeo history, while the ratio torque/liter is the best in the entire compact segment. Starting from these premises, I had the opportunity to test the dynamic capabilities of the engine due to extreme conditions, at the test circuit at Balocco Fiat Group, with the top trim levels, Quadrifoglio Verde.

Transmission coupled to the engine test, a manual six reports, managed to raise the performance level of the petrol unit tested. Basically, Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 TBI was a real sport in the Dynamic mode selector , with MiTo, an aspect of the Alpha series equipment. I know, not saying anything new when I say that an Alfa Romeo can be a sports car. But all chassis, suspension, steering, engine manages to reconcile both customers leaning toward dynamism, and those who want a good car to run it daily.

I was impressed by the ability to accelerate the petrol unit visible at 130-140 km/h (80-90 mph) in sixth gear. I liked that the third and fourth gears are absolutely explosive, keeping engine combined with an average speed to overcome relegation letting you get used to feeling his fist in the column that I get in those moments. Very helpful in running was also the emergence of turbo and power indicators on the monitor located in the central-posterior fascia. Here you see how much percent of power use in each moment and that is real time pressure turbine. Not to lose as any drop of gasoline in the tank without use of the capabilities.

About the noise level, Alfa Romeo engine manages to raise the level of sports car itself being intrusive enough to rev high enough to leave you feeling like you’re in an eye-catching car on the street. This is not a raw sound, but one attractive and designed for a machine that can successfully combine comfort and dynamism. The good news: although I had a very good engine in the test drive there is enough room to try any GTA version for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. And it will probably come a bit later in the range.

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We made the Alfa Romeo Giulietta test drive on track, so running the system was much more alert than in a road test. Obviously, figures and on-board computer displayed these conditions are less relevant, but they we have created an image of which we will pay tribute to the most powerful Alfa Romeo Giulietta technical sheet of the model if they will remove everything from the best engine described above.

Thus, if the technical sheet of the car recorded a urban consumption of 10.6 liter and 5.8 liter for extra-urban, for an average of 7.6 litres /100 km mixed, running on the track we found that TBI 1750 Alfa Romeo Giulietta can soar towards 15 liters / 100 km on a diet with very high speeds. Probably a runtime environment for normal consumption fits perfectly between the two values, such as an average consumption of 10-11 liters can be considered normal for the most powerful version of the Italian model.

Comparing the consumption on Alfa Romeo Giulietta with its direct competition (Focus ST models, Leon FR, Golf GTI, Megane RS, Mazda 3 MPS and the BMW 130i), we conclude that reduced unit cylinder capacity of Giulietta succeed wonders : only models down below 7.6 litres/100 km in the official figures are Leon and Golf GTI FR patterns that have less than 24 horses.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta measure its forces with the same models listed above in chapter performance. With 6.8 seconds for 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) and a top speed of 242 km/h (152 mph), 1750 TBI Quadrifoglio Verde version showed us that talk of a hot hatch sports the most satisfying desires move that focused on this segment , Alfa Romeo Giulietta was 0.1 seconds faster than the Golf GTI and placing it flush with the Focus ST.

True, not talking about the best performing model in the segment (R Golf, Mazda 3 MPS, Megane RS and all the power is somewhat higher speed), but Alfa Romeo Giulietta offers the best compromise between performance and comfort at this level.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta has nothing to do with the old 147, the interior is rather akin to the current Bravo and Delta. And that’s not bad at all. Center console and old board disappeared, items appearing in their place, at times, reveals family link with the rest of Giulietta‘s Fiat Group models.

Talking only abot their position, not their quality. Thus, if Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the quality of the Alfa model ever built in this segment, Giulietta amounted to an average-or upper segment compared with models that is directly.

We liked the controls on board, but we were not thrilled beyond measure plastic material that stretches from left to right at their level. We liked the metallic finish of the gear lever and we liked the plug in the steering wheel, partially covered with leather, but we liked the steering wheel striking resemblance to that of the Bravo and Delta. We liked the skin on top of chairs, but lack a top lateral support I needed on the circuit.

The storage space offered is 350 liters – enjoy a higher level in the medium segment. Overall, if you give up the search for positive and negative elements, Alfa Romeo Giulietta‘s interior makes you feel like you entered a Alfa Romeo. Is undoubtedly the most sporty model created in this segment of the Fiat Group.

Quality / Price

Estimates lead to a basic version (120 bhp 1.4 Turbo) that starts from 18 – 19.000 euros, at about a VW Golf 6 TSI with 122 bhp. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether the estimates will be confirmed, the note received by the Italian model in this test are going to be changed according to final prices. In the above conditions, the car-addicts.com tested version – Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 TBI should cost around 26 – 27.000 euros, a sum that amounted to little more than Focus ST Golf GTI, but it’s the Mazda3 MPS and much lower than 130i version.


On the safety chapter, Alfa Romeo engineers were confident that their car will get one of the largest segment in the test scores in Euro NCAP. In fact they are so sure that, during pressure tests, have arranged a special room that was exposed to a car that was hit in the frontal crash test Euro NCAP standard, journalists can take place both in front of it without problems , and rear. Projections Alfa Romeo Giulietta will approach problems without self-imposed target, considering the norm in the standard version that we have all major electronic systems, the default ESP and Q2 differential. Remains to be seen (and set a final score) after real tests organized by Euro NCAP.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta has no problems at this chapter, the car was so drawn glass surface needs to be consistent with the driver. for those who only uses mirrors to maneuver in reverse, the tailgate is perfect in size, providing horizon needed to maneuver the car safely. Windscreen pillar not mind tight corners than when taken in very low speed.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta has what no other model in this segment has: the DNA system. An old acquaintance of the MiTo yet, this system allows you to run in complete comfort or sportiness adapting to the needs of the vital elements of the car driver.

Thus, when the Dynamic mode is selected, it activates the Q2 differential, engine overboost function and enter it into operation, hydraulic brake system prepares for dynamic maneuvers responding quickly to orders, the direction of change between normal and sports mode box dual-clutch transmission (if any) quickly shifts to cope with repeated accelerations.

Also when the Dynamic mode is activated and the display is used to monitor power and pressure turbine, which is real-time displayed on a monitor until it is used in navigation or infotainment system on board. Obviously, like all models of age recent Fiat Group, Alfa Romeo Giulietta has package Blue & Me, that from a luxury becomes a necessity when you get used to your voice commands that control everything from the phone connected via Bluetooth to the menu music which flows into the machine via USB.


Even if the group of journalists who tested the Alfa Romeo Giulietta at home argue that there were front is not even the most successful in recent years, the final conclusion of all was unanimous and unequivocal: the rear is the most beautiful from the entire compact segment. Alfa spirit remains in profile, where Alfa Romeo has managed to develop meaningful and sensual lines of a model developed to remove the Italian brand of problems.

Altogether, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will draw heads on the street is one of appearances lately in the personality of the car. Design was developed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the historical collaborations with Giugiaro and Bertone being forgotten with the development of the new model.

Source: AutoMarket.ro – Alfa Romeo Giulietta test drive


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  3. I have just bought the new Giulietta(1.4 170hp) and I could definitely declare that was worth it. It’s a fun to drive car with very good quality and it gives you the sense that you drive a more pricey and bigger car.

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