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Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4: acid test on Snow and Ice

Who drive a four-wheel car to the snow just for fun, can also snow and ice conditions remain cool, they say. 4×4 is really better? We tried it – in an exclusive safety training with the Suzuki SX4 and the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Test Drive


Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4:Drive Test

Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4:Drive Test

Out on the runway and into the fun: When to call a man who is 1.90 meters tall, with good sturdy shoes, a 90-second intervals in high spirits and grinning from ear to ear broadest Bavarian speaks, then you have it all expected to do with Niki Schelle (43). And the fun does not take place on two boards, but on four wheels. Four driven wheels, to be exact. Motorsport fans is the name clamp familiar: Since 1986, Niki mix successfully with the rally circus. In 2002 he started the first time for Suzuki in the Junior WRC, won his eighth straight away. Meanwhile, he served as athletic director serves different junior teams – and are happy to pass his driving across Professional knowledge in courses.

Together with rally co-driver in January Enderle (36), he showed us on a locked 4×4 beginners, groomed surface, what can be done on snow. Especially if a car has four-wheel drive and outfitted with lockable center differential and low range gearing is controlled driving is also a slippery surface is no problem. Five-door Grand Vitara with manual transmission (1.9 DDiS, 2.4) and automatic (3.2 V6), and SX4 as a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 2.0-liter diesel were available for the dynamic course available.

Steering, braking and acceleration maneuvers on different courses, sometimes with, sometimes without chasing (turned off) ESP – an exercise to the next, the differences are enormous. The standard electronic assistance systems keep the car safely in all his hectic maneuvers on course to take but significantly out pace. In 4L mode without the ESP Allradler wild scramble and effortlessly up extreme inclines. The Grand Vitara is always the sovereign, the SX4 agile at all times.

The SX4 combines an intelligent way the silhouette of an SUV with the benefits of sport compact cars. This makes it particularly attractive to people with active and modern lifestyles who need a versatile vehicle for the city, while the higher seating position and the variability appreciate. The special feature of this vehicle concept is also reflected in the name: “S” stands for the sporty compact car, “X” for crossover and the “4” for his famous four-wheel skills. The Suzuki SX4 combines traditional strengths in the area of sport compact and reliable with over 40 years of all-wheel expertise of the company. You can see the SX4 as a successful combination of two series: the dynamic and the Swift-terrain Grand Vitara.

Sporty driving characteristics and qualities of genuine fourwheel – in terms of driving dynamics and 4×4 Performance introduces the latest generation of the Grand Vitara a further stage of evolution. The massive front, the massive under run and flowing side lines give the Grand Vitara is a very muscular appearance. Rather than settle for a vehicle for mass production in the SUV look, the Grand Vitara has been equipped with technologies that typically only in four-wheel models of the upper class and 4×4 icons used. The Grand Vitara features a body with ladder frame and monocoque construction. With its superior terrain features, it has become an integral part of off-road scene.

What pleases one better, everyone must decide for themselves. All participants were unanimous in the conclusion of the driving events: 4×4 mud and snow is on the best drive. Safe travels probably only a snow cat.

Source: Automarket.ro


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    Cool cars, both of them!

  5. I really liked the test drive. These are some of the best Suv’s… 🙂

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