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Kia Soul – Drive Test

Today we will look at what the new model from Kia : Kia Soul, a small yet interesting car, can do. That’s right! We’re going for a drive test!kia-soul-review

You want to be more “special”, but can’t really afford a Mini? Why not chose the new Kia Soul. The special design and ground clearance are the strengths of the new hatchback built by the manufacturer from South Korea. Even if the car fits the Kia SUV category, soul looks more like a hatchback, but with raised ground clearance.

Even if the segment is relatively new, competitors are found in abundance. Perhaps closest to the Soul is the Toyota Urban Cruiser or the Dacia Sandero Stepway.
Kia Soul is an appearance that you can’t miss on the roads, the design is rugged enough to get opinions divided between “is bad” and “is strange, but looks interesting.”

Young people – the target customer

It is clearly that the team from Kia did not seek to “steal” customers from BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class. Kia didn’t had in mind to get out in front with a design unseen before, but wanted to come with an offer for youth. The young generation always wants to be more different, just as the Soul. Small, weird and different.

The front of the car tries to be masive and the ground clearance is bigger than the one from the normal city cars. Lamp units are oversized in relation to the bonnet and wings. The windscreen pillars been inspired by Mini, while the sides of the car are a downward line to the tailgate.

Big Interior but too much plastic!

If the exterior may impress you with the sharp edges and straight lines, the interior is more gentle, and again very youthful. It’s interesting the way they’ve combined the colors on the dashboard, door panels or the top half of the upholstery.You really can’t get bored in the Kia Soul!

Obviously, as any car in this class, Koreans have used too much plastic on this model: this material is present on the dashboard, the doors, in the trunk, almost everywhere! Still, the plastic is high quality, not squeaky on every bump, as we have met on more important brands. Driving position is very high and it will give you the impression that you’re driving an SUV.

We tested the capacities of passing the obstacles, and we managed to get over a curb high enough without a scratch on the floor. Still, do not try to take the Kia Soul through snow banks or on forest roads, because we do not guarantee that it will still make the same good impression.

Six steps would have been more interesting

On the drive test we had a model equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline propulsorul, which developed 124 horsepower. To benefit from the contribution of the whole herd, you need to go over 5,500 rpm. Otherwise, 1.6-liter engine will seem weak, at least compared to the one used by the competition.

The five gear box is pretty good but we belive that six gears would’ve been a better solution because you can’t really manage the engine power too well. Our drive test car didn’t had an on-board computer to display the fuel consumption, but we can say that you can make several hundred kilometers with a full tank of gasoline.

Source: Automarket.ro


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