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Diesel versus hybrid. Which is more efficient?

Brits from Which? Car conducted a series of comparative tests between different hybrid and diesel models to see which ones are more economical in real traffic conditions.

Journalists at Which? Car conducted a test comparing hybrid cars and the one using a diesel engine to see which is more efficient in actual conditions. Hybrid models, are tested by manufacturers under ideal conditions, which don’t reflect the reality that we encounter on the road.

First, journalists have opted for a consumption test between a BMW 320d with EfficientDynamics system and between a Toyota Prius. According to producers, the Japanese hybrid consumes 3,25 liters per 100 kilometers, and the BMW 3 Series make the same distance with 3,4 liters of diesel. After testing, those from Which? Car obtained a 3,83 liter consumption for Prius and 3,66 liter for BMW 320d.

“BMW has a reputation as a manufacturer that produces aggressive and sportivecars , but 320d Efficient Dynamics represents an important statement in terms of fuel saving technology.

Another test was done by the British between Skoda Octavia Greenline II and Honda Insight. According to the numbers obtained by them, the Czech manufacturer’s model is slightly more economical than the Japanese hybrid. The third comparison was made ​​by the British between an Opel Astra with 1.3 liter diesel engine and a Toyota Auris HSD. The winner of this test proved to be the Japanese hybrid.

“In most cases you will save money with a hybrid car. Fuel costs are lower, lower CO2 emissions and the owners do not pay taxes.

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