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BMW X6 M50d Review [complete] – Gojira?!

BMW X6 M50d – 3.0 M50d auto Review. Gojira, Gojira, Gojira!!! This is everything that I thought for a few days, whenever I pressed the Start button. I remember the screams of some Japanese guys terrified by Godzilla, on the debut of the movie with the same name, in 1998 (although Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 is known as the pseudo-mythical beast).

BMW X6 M50d

BMW X6 M50d

This time, however, the action is not placed in Japan and the monstrosity isn’t one from the “Land of the Rising Sun”. It’s quite European, but it sounds as powerful as the Roland Emmerich’s artificial monster. Built in Munich, the four-wheel counterpart of Godzilla is called BMW X6 M50d.

BMW X6 M50d Full Review

BMW X6 M50d Engine / Transmission 5/5

In the womb of the Bavarian manufacturer lies hidden an experiment that became a reality: a tri-turbo diesel. Ready to impress with the concept and the resources, the new German diesel was built on a solid foundation provided by a best-seller: a six-cylinder engine of 3.0 liters. The unit is like a Robert De Niro that you don’t get tired to see in any movies, better or worse. It is present on almost any BMW car and it now creates a masterpiece of automotive technology.

The tri-turbo diesel comes with unrivaled figures. There are 381 horsepower and 740 Nm (545.7 lb-ft) requiring the maximum of each fiber of the sternocleidomastoid muscle when the head is pushed down the headrest.

The six-cylinder are creating a sound that gives you the impression that you are surrounded by them. Their explosion are generating tingling for those with fine hearing and sensitive to the octaves of a sports model. The sound is addictive and any other car will seem far too quiet.

Of course, there is the reverse. Some may find annoying the constant baritone sound.

About the eight-speed automatic box we only need to say that it is always linear, even when it violently drops to give you a dose of required power. For prompt response is needed that the Sport button to be pressed.

BMW X6 M50d - 3.0L tri-turbodiesel engine

BMW X6 M50d Fuel efficiency 5/5

Diesel is usually synonymous with fuel economy. In this equation, however, the fuel consumption is not relevant. We talk about a performance model that needs a consistent consumption to be worthy of the M letter on the tailgate.

Even so, you can feel that the engine belongs to the diesels family when you see that inside the city it never climbs above a consumption of 14 litres/100 km (16.8 MPG US; 20.2 MPG Imp.) and outside of the city you can stop at 9 litres/100 km (26 MPG US ; 31.4 MPG Imp.).

The official figures show a Mixed fuel efficiency of 7.7 litres / 100 km (30 MPG US; 36.7 MPG Imp.), City – 9.0 litres/100 km (26 MPG US; 31.4 MPG Imp.) and Highway – 7.0 litres/100 km (33.6 MPG US; 30 MPG Imp.).

It is enough for the Bavarian to prove itself more stingy than its rivals: Porsche Cayenne V8 diesel (8.3 litres/100 km -> 28 MPG US; 34 MPG Imp.) and Audi Q7 4.2 TDI (9.2 litres/100 km -> 25.5 MPG US – 30 MPG Imp.).

BMW X6 M50d Performance 5/5

When you think about brown bears you probably have in mind the image of a hulking beast with hundreds of pounds. Only a few know that it may even reach speeds of 50 km/h (30 mph).

When you see a BMW X6 M50d and you think of its over two tons you can be as easily misled. BMW X6 M50d accelerates from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in just 5.3 seconds, which is less than it will take you to read the version’s name that’s written on the tailgate.

And to realize that the Bavarians have done an excellent job it is enough to say that BMW X6 M50d is faster than a Porsche. More precisely, than a Porsche Cayenne V8 diesel, which reaches 100 km/h (60 mph) in 5.7 seconds. However BMW has the habit of “swollen” the numbers when it comes to acceleration, while Porsche usually offers lower values than that obtained in their tests.

The top speed of BMW X6 M50d stops at 250 km/h(150 mph).

BMW X6 M50d Interior 3/5

Inside, everything is under the zodiac sign of the balance. Balanced. Without exaggeration, no explosions of color or any materials that could cause intense sensory experiences.

BMW X6 M50d Interior-Dashboard

The plastic used is soft, but it gives a feeling of stiffness and coolness, so the interior of X6 M50d seems more like an unheated attic of an old castle. The situation is improved by the M division elements such as the steering wheel, the thresholds, the gear shift and the gauges. And since we’re at the tools, we must state that they are quite conservative.

Even if the board elements are less attractive, the thoughtful ergonomics compensate that. The commands aren’t requiring for a extended accommodation while the iDrive system is well structured and quite friendly. Moreover, the multimedia system and its 10-inch screen refreshes the cabin atmosphere. And if you choose a configuration similar to that tested by us, a spot of color in a conservative interior will be the Vermilion Nevada red trim.

The interior is large enough for both front and rear passengers. If you decide to travel in the rear you should be careful to your head, as the coupe silhouette doesn’t offer too much room on this level.

BMW X6 M50d Price 3.5/5

The price. An element that could give headaches to those who weren’t impressed with the previous chapter. For the first tri-turbo diesel BMW in the history and for its 381 hp, the customer must pay no less than 90.768 Euros.

But we all know that the counting is only beginning. Once a list of optional equipment takes shape, then exceeds the 100,000 Euros price. In the case of our test version, the long string of selected equipment made the final price to reach 111,860 Euros.

If you look at the rival Porsche Cayenne, the current V8 Diesel S starts at 86,367 Euros, that’s less than X6 M50d’s price. Audi Q7 4.2 TDI price starts at 77,520 Euros, but its performances are far to be similar to those of BMW X6 M50d.

BMW X6 M50d Safety 5/5

From all the X-signed 4×4 models produced by BMW, X6 is the only one that hasn’t been tested by EuroNCAP. But judging by the results of his brothers, X6 and the performance version X6 M50d have the necessary DNA to get the 5 stars.

BMW X6 M50d comes equipped with front, side and curtain airbags, pre-stressed seatbelts, active headrests and a lot of active safety systems of which the most popular are DTC, ABS and EBD.

BMW X6 M50d

BMW X6 M50d Roadholding 5/5

To put on the road an SUV of 2.2 tons (4840 lbs) with a torque of 740 Nm (545.72 lb/ft) can be quite difficult. But when you are BMW and you’ve got such a tradition, the script is easier to be staged.

The Bavarian engineers have managed very well to put the torque on the road. So well that not even a drop of the 740 Nm (545.72 lb/ft) isn’t wasted. The XDrive AWD has magical powers. It makes the grip to keep as long as you opt for the electronic systems. The torque distribution between the two axles is the feature you are not aware of, but which ensures a safe driving.

Also, the roll is exceptionaly dimmed for a model of this size. The structural rigidity makes that in every turn, BMW X6 M50d to give you the impression of a excelent structured car. The package is completed by a rigid sports suspension that will delight the fans of the asphalt.

BMW X6 M50d Visibility 3.5/5

BMW X6 is the clear evidence of the compromise made by engineers for designers. To get the silhouette of a 4×4 coupe, the Germans had to sacrifice the glass surface of the car.

The rear window is incredibly narrow for a car of this size. the posterior pillars are large and are blurring a lot the rear visibility. Basically, the rear window is just a window through which light enters. Luckily the side mirrors are large enough to fit with the size of the car.

BMW X6 M50d Technology 4/5

BMW made sure that every spurt of adrenaline will be calmed by a simple adjustment of the air-conditioning system of X6 M50d.

Also, the Bavarians have created the perfect environment for those who are pressing the acceleration pedal depending on the pace they hear from the speakers. The high fidelity audio system ensures that you can find your favorite song for speeding on any USB, iPod or MP3 Player.

And for those who will be filled by cold shivers down their spines each time you go beyond the physical limits of the car, the seats heated on three levels will be there for them.

The seats come with the same numerous settings , of which the most important for a sports model is the adjustable side support.

BMW X6 M50d Exterior side-front-rear

BMW X6 M50d Design 4/5

In terms of design, BMW X6 M50d fans won’t need special presentations. They know that under the ordinary but nonconformist clothes of the Sports Activity Coupe it hides the most powerful 3.0-liter diesel in the world. Frankly, I quite like the discretion of BMW X6 M50d.

BMW X6 M50d Test Drive

What we liked:

  • The engine’s power
  • The amazing sound
  • The XDrive AWD

What we didn’t liked:

  • The conservative interior design
  • The high price

BMW X6 M50d Specs

BMW X6 M50d
No. doors
Engine type/cylinder
3.0-liter tri-turbodiesel / L6
Displacement cc
Length mm / in
4877 / 192
Maximum power HP (rpm)
381 (@4000)
Width mm / in
1983 / 78
Torque Nm / lb-ft (rpm)
740 / 545 (@2000)
Height mm / in
1699 / 57.5
Top speed km/h / mph
250 / 155
Weight kg / lbs
2225 / 4905.3
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h / 62 mph
5.3 seconds
Wheelbase mm / in
2933 / 115.5
4×4 AWD
Fuel tank – liters / gallons
85 / 22.4 US / 18.7 imperial
Automatic (8-speed)
Cargo – liters / cubic feet
570 / 20.1
BMW X6 M50d – 3.0 M50d auto receives in our Review an Overall note of 3.9 out of 5.

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