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2013 Dacia Logan Review [complete] – Surprising

2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate Review. Eight years have passed since Dacia launched Logan. It was the first sentence of a success story. However, Logan wasn’t received with open arms by everyone when it appeared. Whether it was about the media, customers, Internet users or  foreigners, the sedan did not have a very large fan club at the time of launch.

2013 Dacia Logan Review

2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate

Logan went on, however, received two new body versions, a diesel version, a facelift hatchback brother and so on. Logan took every criticism on and the model has become stronger, although it was never weak.

Let’s skip fast-forward to 2012. Dacia presented the new generation Logan and Sandero. We’ve tested the 2013 Dacia Logan to experience the result of eight years of evolution. All the changes implemented with the new generation of Logan turned into a surprise for anyone that tries it, no matter what his first impression was about the first generation.

2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate Full Review

2013 Dacia Logan Engine / Transmission 4/5

Just like Sandero, its hatchback brother, the new generation Logan comes, since its launch, with a reasonable otto and diesel engines. The entry version is a 1.2 16v of 75 hp engine, already known among the Dacia customers. It follows a 1.5 dCi that also has 75 hp, another unit which Dacia consumers are used with, so as for the top diesel, an 1.5 dCi of 90 hp. The novelty is the TCe 90 hp engine, the 0.9-liter turbocharged petrol engine first offered on a sedan Dacia. This one is part of Renault’s new engines family, so the critics that Dacia receives only “waste” must take off their hats and bow in front of this sedan, at least at a first meeting with it, in the company of the TCe of 90 horsepower.

The unit we’ve tested, the 0.9-liter  TCe, fits perfectly into 2013 Dacia Logan, as the TCe is the most successful gasoline engine offered so far in the Dacia range, and the propeller successfully replaces the 1.6-liter petrol engines. In terms of dynamic behavior, we have a significantly improvement.

The biggest surprise of the new Logan is the soundproofing. The bonnet received a soundproofing element and the engine compartment was also modified to reduce the decibel level that reach to the cabin. From this point of view, 2013 Dacia Logan gives us the feeling that it jumped not only one, but two generations.

2013 Dacia Logan Engine

2013 Dacia Logan Fuel efficiency 4/5

According to the official figures, Logan’s 0.9-liter TCe version has a mixed fuel economy of 5.3 liters/100 km (44.4 MPG US / 53.3 MPG Imp.). In urban areas, it’s 6.6 liter/100 km (35.6 MPG US /42.8 MPG Imp.) of fuel  efficiency, while in extra urban environment is it said to be 4.6 liters/100 km (51.2 MPG US/ 61.4 MPG Imp.).

Compared with its rivals, 2013 Dacia Logan offers better fuel efficiency than the equivalent engines of Chevrolet Aveo Sedan, but its competitor made by Kia, Rio Sedan 1.2, surpasses Logan with a difference of 0.3 liters/100km.

In a fast pace, we obtained a fuel efficiency of 7.5 liters/100 km (31.36 MPG US / 37.6 MPG Imp.), although the value is less relevant for day by day use. In a regime of moderate running, Logan TCe recorded a mixed fuel consumption of 6.0 liters/100 km (39.20 MPG US / 47.1 MPG Imp.).

In addition to the TCe engine, 2013 Dacia Logan comes with a new premiere – the ECO button. It promises to improve the fuel efficiency by 10%, by making some corrections of the running management parameters. The function is activated by pressing the  button and is deactivated at the first energetic touch of the accelerator pedal. The ECO button doesn’t have a Start-Stop function, there is no auxiliary equipment management function (alternator, water pump, oil pump, air conditioning compressor), or any  recovery function of the lost kinetic energy during braking. But Logan has gear shift indicators, whose subtle behavior changes under the action of the ECO indicator.

2013 Dacia Logan Performance 4.5/5

When you say turbo petrol engine, you say exceptional performance. Not in the downsizing age. The  TCe unit is shaped to achieve better fuel efficiency and its qualities are reflected on this aspect, not on the top speed and the 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time.

Compared with the first generation of Logan, the TCe engine manages to match the top speed of Logan 1.6 MPI, 169 km/h (105 mph), while the 1.6 16V remains the fastest Logan offered on the market so far, with a top speed of 181 km/h (112 mph). The old 1.6 MPI has a 0-100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) of 11.5 seconds, while the 105 hp version needs 10.5 seconds to perform the same sprint. The new TCe Logan needs 11.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), making it more powerful than the 1.6 MPI Logan in this chapter, but inferior to the 1.6 16v version.

In terms of torque, the 1.6 MPI unit has 135 Nm (99.56 lb/ft) at 3,000 rpm, the 1.6 16V engine offers 148 Nm ( 109.14 lb/ft) at 3,750 rpm, and the new 0.9 TCE has 135 Nm (99.56 lb/ft) at 2,500 rpm. So we are not talking about an increase in torque but a lower speed at which it is available.

Compared to its direct rivals, 2013 Dacia Logan benefits from the 2012 technology and is faster from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) than Aveo Sedan and Kia Rio, although it has a lower maximum speed.

Dacia Logan 2 Interior

2013 Dacia Logan Interior 3.5/5

When Logan appeared, many have criticized various details of the interior. We may speak about the horn located on the turn signal lever, the power window controls located on the center console or other similar elements, Logan’s critics were many. Despite criticisms aside, Logan proved that it has three major  interior qualities: the space, the simplicity and the robustness.

Logan’s new generation is more spacious than the first one, is almost as simple ont the interior and it promises to be as robust. The difference? Logan’s interior is now more stylish and comes with some modern issues.

The interior of the 2013 Dacia Logan will be offered only in dark shades because these shades proved to be the most popular among customers. So you can choose between black trim or black trim with gray ornaments. As a bonus, Logan can arrive now with Carbon Fonce leather upholstery, an optional feature that seemed a dream in 2006. Another novelty is the possibility to order an armrest, an item wanted by many customers of the first Logan. Overall, the interior has been updated in a correct manner, although we wanted a set of seats with better lateral support and a more adjustable steering wheel.

Logan’s trunk is as big as the first generation, 510 liters (18 ft³) , but now benefits from a 60/40 bench split.

2013 Dacia Logan Price 5/5

We have the cheapest model in the segment, with the most spacious interior. Is a reliable platform that has proven its qualities during time (the new Logan shares more than half of the old Logan platform). Its few competitors, Kia Rio Sedan and Chevrolet Aveo Sedan have a starting price of  EUR 10,000. This ensures a healthy portion of sales for Logan, as the model is available to the customers who want a lot of  space and how many as possible amenities, for less than EUR 10,000. And 2013 Dacia Logan sedan offers just that.

If you look closely at the price list offered by Dacia, Logan is subtly more expensive, but its list of features is enriched with many elements. Now, Dacia has ESP as standard, four airbags, electro-hydraulic power and some other features.

2013 Dacia Logan  Safety 3.5/5

Dacia representatives have repeatedly stated that they will not produce models with five-star safety in the near future. As explained by Deboeuf Arnaud, Renault’s entry range director it would cost too much to develop a new model offering five-star safety, and the customers wouldn’t pay the price difference, which would be a loss for the Romanian car manufacturer owned by Renault.

The new Logan has four front and side airbags for the driver and the passenger, daytime running lights, ABS , EBA and ESP. We expect Logan to get a good score, although we are aware that he could not get more than four-star safety. As usual, this section will be updated after Logan’s testing facilities in EuroNCAP.


2013 Dacia Logan Roadholding 3.5/5

Logan’s new generation shares its technical platform with the first generation. Thus, the behavior of the model has barely changed with the new generation. The steering mechanism is unchanged and the suspension behaves almost the same. The braking system shows a subtle change, thanks to the presence of the  new active safety systems, that are providing additional stability to cornering and sudden brakes.

Logan’s suspension is still soft, being comfort-oriented and the ground clearance remains an asset of this model.

2013 Dacia Logan Visibility 4/5

Compared to the first generation, the new Logan has a windshield and a rear window at a greater angle, an element that has an aerodynamic role. These changes don’t change Logan’s advantages in terms of visibility and that would be the large side mirrors,the rear window generous glass surface and the large side glass surfaces. In addition, the new generation of Logan is also offered in the company of a package that includes parking sensors, which helps parking in narrow spaces.

2013 Dacia Logan Technology 4.5/5

Dacia Logan with touchscreen navigation. Until we saw the MediaNav system, we thought it was a fable. Since the system appeared on Lodgy MPV, it was only a matter of time before MediaNav was offered and for the rest of the range. Obviously, the system isn’t on the standard version, but it has decent price – EUR 300 – and we must applaud the people at Dacia that are offering this thing that’s unique in the segment. None of Logan’s rivals don’t offer such equipment as an option.

If we don’t have the MediaNav, Dacia offers a Plug & Radio multimedia system that offers a USB and a jack, a decent display, steering wheel controls and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to these features that were not available before the Logan range, Dacia offers “classics” systems such as electric front windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, manually adjustable air conditioning system, central locking with remote control, etc.. Basically, items that are normal for any modern car.

2013 Dacia Logan is the first sedan equipped by Dacia with a Cruise Control system, which also has a speed limiter function. The system works just like the one from Renault’s models and can be activated by pressing a button placed on the center console and controlled using the steering wheel controls (+ / -, A / R).

2013 Dacia Logan Exterior front rear

2013 Dacia Logan Design 4/5

Whether you compare it with its few rivals in the segment or you make a separate analysis, the 2013 Dacia Logan looks good. Sure, we have the precedent set by the first generation, which we used in aesthetic, so any improvement will be appreciated, but the new generation of Logan looks really modern.

The front is by far the most attractive part of the new Logan. The profile is close to that of the previous generation, while the rear is changed. We note that Sandero’s rear lights are mounted in the body in a more “connected” way. However, we have here a significant improvement over the first generation.

2013 Dacia Logan Test Drive

We liked:

  • The soundproofing
  • The unbeatable price
  • Better standard features
  • The large trunk

What we didn’t liked:

  • The same steering mechanism and suspension
  • The split folding rear seat isn’t standard
  • Poor quality materials
  • Unattractive interior design

2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate Specs

2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate
No. doors
Engine type/cylinder
0.9 TCe / L3
Displacement cc
Length mm / in
4346 / 171
Maximum power HP (rpm)
90 (5250)
Width mm / in
1733 / 68.2
Torque Nm / lb-ft (rpm)
135 / 99.56  (2500)
Height mm / in
1517 / 59.7
Top speed km/h / mph
169 / 105
Weight kg / lbs
1073 / 2365
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h / 62 mph
Wheelbase mm / in
2634 / 103.7
Fuel tank – liters / gallons
50 / 13.2 US / 11 Imperial
Manual (5-speed)
Cargo – liters / cubic feet
510 / 18.01


2013 Dacia Logan 0.9 TCe 90HP Laureate receives in our Review an Overall note of 4.0 out of 5.

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