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Top Tips For Selling Your Used Car For Profit


When it’s time to say goodbye to your old banger, there are many routes you can take to get it out of your hands while making a profit. As with most things, getting the most value for your unwanted car takes time and effort, so here is a quick rundown to selling your old vehicle; in order of the effort you will have to put in.

Sold car


 Sell Privately


 This will take, by far, the most effort on your part; but it could bring you the most return on your investment. You need to ensure you have all your records together as these will need to be passed on to the next owner. If you don’t have these then you are more likely to achieve sale success by selling online.


By advertising on your vehicle, in shop windows, through facebook groups or classified websites; you will probably have a stream of enquiries coming in. Make sure you look into all of these to ensure they are genuine and make sure all meetings are held in public places.

Sell Online


For vehicles that have not passed their latest MOT, or is missing the correct documentation; your best bet is probably to sell it online. Whether that is to scrap or not, choosing a reputable company like Sell The Car will still give you a decent price for your unwanted vehicle.

This will likely take far less time and effort than selling your car privately, as companies like the one recommended will travel to you to collect the car on your behalf, with reliable payment made promptly.

Other Options:

You do have the option of selling your car at auction, or through a part-exchange scheme. However, according to the Money Advice Service; these routes may be more simple, but will not be as profitable.

 Selling Dos and Don’ts

 In order to find success quickly without any backlash, here are some helpful tips for before you sell, during the process and afterwards.

Do research your vehicle to find out how much it is worth.

Do give your vehicle a good clean – this will help you get a good price.

Don’t let a stranger test drive your car alone – that is a one-way street to vehicle theft.

Don’t sell a car you are still paying finance on without telling the new owner – it is illegal. You have to obtain a settlement figure from the finance company and fully pay off all related fees first.

Do inform the DVLA once you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

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