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Top 5 Car Gadgets we really Want to See

Our cars today are full of entertainment gadgets, comfort enhancements and perfectly reasonable safety features. All well-meaning and fine as far as they go but as we look towards the future there are so many others we would like to see. It is notoriously difficult to predict future technologies but perhaps we can look to science fiction series like Star Trek for a bit of inspiration.


1. Phasers

This would be an absolute winner. Just imagine that annoying driver in front of you, hogging the outside lane, slowing down for no discernible reason and cutting up other motorists. How satisfying would it be to simply instruct your car’s onboard computer with the immortal phrase, ‘phasers to stun.’

No need to be too aggressive: a simple stun will do and the offending car merely drifts to a halt at the side of the road, safely guided by its own on-board computer. This could even be combined with matter transporters to simply remove the miscreant altogether from the roads, perhaps depositing him at the local cop shop.

2. Cloaking

How irritating is it to be caught out by over-zealous traffic cops and their infernal cameras. How satisfying then to confound them with our simple cloaking device. As we cruise happily on the nation’s roads, we simply instruct our motor to use the cloaking device, instantly making us invisible to the boys in blue and their evil devices.

Our cloaking device is intelligent though. It makes sure that our impressive chariot is completely visible to female pedestrians and lady drivers, so they can admire our lovely cars.

3. Tractor beam

Much is written these days about the cost of fuel, declining oil reserves and the damage to the environment caused by exhaust emissions. Clearly this is unlikely to go away but the answer is right before us. We simply use our tractor beam. The tractor beam can pull objects towards our car but, crucially, it can also pull us towards them.

All we need do then is simply use our tractor beam to lasso the car in front and switch the gears into neutral as we just let them pull us along, without any pesky fuel consumption at all.

4. Warp drive

No matter how fast our car, there are always those times when we really need to get somewhere in a hurry and the normal old internal combustion engine simply won’t do. This is the time to engage warp drive to have us home in time for the match kicking off. We would never advocate speeding but the great thing about our warp drive is that it bends space to bring our destination closer. So we are not speeding at all. Genius


5. Driverless cars

The scary thing about this one is it is actually true. Google has developed a driverless car and it has already covered 700,000 miles without an accident. This could truly revolutionise motoring. Commuting time could be spent working (or sleeping) and there would be no reason at all not to enjoy a pint or two after work before going home.

With the cars optimising road space, traffic jams would be a thing of the past and cars could go much faster. Interesting times.


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