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The best Sat Nav Apps available

There’s a reason why they’re called smartphones, because having one usually means that all your useful gadgets and devices can be handily rolled into one, e.g. your sat nav. The development of navigation apps means that you don’t have to fork out extra for a satnav, or hide it from sight every time you get out of the car.


The best Sat Nav Apps available

So here are some of the best satnav apps available to you to get you from A to B:

Nokia Drive+ (available if you own a Nokia Lumia 820 or 920) is a new app which uses Windows 8 and uses the familiar, easy to use and stylish Windows Phone tiles. You are able to choose which routes you fancy, whether you want the quickest route, avoid motorways, and toll roads. This app is free for Windows Phone.

The Official TomTom App will perhaps be a popular choice for people on the road who own iOS or Android phones. This app isn’t free and will cost iOS owners £26.99 and Android owners £30.99, however it has everything you need. You are able to take the quickest route, view the most economical way of getting to your destination and get alerts about speeds limits, petrol stations and even lane guidance. There is no matter if you should lose your connection too as this app works offline.

If you own an iOS phone then Apple Maps is built in for you and still provides accurate guidance from A to B.

The M8 app is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry mobile phones users and what’s more is it’s free. As well as acting as a satnav, this app dishes out offers from nearby places such as Pizza Express whilst on your travels. However, these are discreet and if you need any added extras such as speed camera warnings and traffic updates you can purchase them separately.


Other popular satnav apps that you may like to have a go with are the Sygic app, Google, Nav Free and CoPilot Live available to most smartphones.

All of the above apps are perfectly suited to cars, motorbikes and even pushbikes. Some of these apps give you the chance to opt for unpaved routes, perfect for pushbikes.

If you are fancying one of these apps then they are available for most smartphones such as the iPhone, Nokia Lumia or BlackBerry all of which can be purchased from most phone retailers like Phones4U or EE.

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