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Better Wheels for the Wheelchair

It’s ironic that a person who uses a wheelchair to get around the house has such limited options for how to get around town.  For years, any wheelchair user who wanted to drive independently was stuck driving a big, gas-hungry vehicle that was limited on style. However, thanks to computer design and plain old innovation, the limitations are growing steadily ...

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How to become a Hypermiler

What Is Hypermiling? Hypermiling is the technical term used to describe the more unusual techniques that can be used to maximize your fuel efficiency. Did you know that you can improve your fuel economy by up to 37% just by slightly changing the way in which you drive? There are some very easy ways to become what is known as ...

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Car Safety Comes A Long Way With Over 100 Years Of Innovation

Traveling in a vehicle does come with some amount of risk. Some of us either take vehicle safety for granted and ignore the risks while others are not even aware of them. Due to continuous improvements in automobile design and technology, car safety has seen its share of improvements over the decades. Manufacturers have been forced to incorporate these safety ...

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All the advice you need for Ford Leasing

One of the most difficult aspects of leasing a car is deciding what kind of car is right for you. Ford makes the decision easier by offering a huge line-up of vehicles that will perform like no other and offer leasing options that give customers all of the benefits that come with leasing a new vehicle. Customers can count on ...

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Financing your New Car

For most people, the prospect of buying a new car can be an exciting decision, as well as a major one in financial terms. The thrill of visiting a car showroom to see which one you want to drive home is a rush which could most closely be compared to that of a kid in a candy shop! But once ...

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