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What changes a Run Flat tire also implies?

Run Flat Tires

Run Flat Tires are still a mystery to many drivers. Some of us use them, but don’t understand how they actually work, while others avoid them altogether. Car-Addicts.com comes with explanations. Flat tires floated like a black cloud over the drivers. Meanwhile, ROF tires were invented, or Run-on-Flat tires, which can provide mobility without much effort even after a flat ...

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3 Car Modification you should take Special Care Over

Everybody knows that car modification can be dangerous if not done correctly.  According to the BBC, as of 2011, the death toll on British roads rose to 1,900.  So, if you’ve got a penchant for car modifying but you don’t want to risk your – or anybody else’s lives – what can you do to minimise danger?  Well, one thing ...

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What is the best Ford to lease?

1. Ford Fiesta – best for younger drivers No car in Britain is as accessible as the Ford Fiesta for younger drivers. It has the street credibility most young drivers want, and it’s a very safe car for adults, children and passengers, which is certain to win over the approval of watching parents. It’s also cheap to lease, with prices ...

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IIHS and EuroNCAP - Crash avoidance ratings

IIHS and EuroNCAP started testing the systems that prevent accidents using automatic braking

IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and EuroNCAP tested the systems that prevent accidents with automatic braking. Some top models received poor ratings. EuroNCAP announced that starting with 2014 will include in the final score given to a car on their safety tests a new rating given for the automatic braking efficiency. Meanwhile the IIHS have already tested 74 cars, ...

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Best Land Rover for Off-Roading

When the call of the great outdoors beckons, one only needs a reliable and rugged vehicle to make the trek. But why not drive something that is also sleek, stylish, and just as comfortable on the Motorway? Land Rover available at Farnell Land Rover has been a leader in quality vehicles for decades, and their off-roading capabilities are exceptional as ...

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