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How to Modernize Your Car: 3 Strategies for Success

A dated car is pretty much a clunker on several levels:  it doesn’t have its charming good looks from its heyday, it doesn’t run as well as it used to, and you need to make repairs and/or replacements quite often. 

If you’re looking to revitalize your vehicle using some aftermarket upgrades, consider several of the suggestions provided by this article.  Though there’s no real way to make your car brand new again, you can achieve like-new or customized quality, so long as you’re creative in the ways you modify your vehicle.

Start with Lighting

This may not seem like the key area to focus on when attempting to improve your vehicle’s looks and performance, lighting actually has a great deal to do with both.  Using HID headlights instead of halogen ones will result in car headlights that last longer, emit brighter light, and shine in their customized colors.  HIDs also provide a driver with improved peripheral vision.  Tail light changes make an impact as well, so consider using LED tail lights, or even adding a third brake light.

Move on to the Body

Dents, scrapes, and damage of any kind can really make an otherwise solid car look absolutely too old and worn out to drive.  Fortunately, many of these kinds of issues are of a cosmetic nature.  Using a full body kit, or a series of well-placed exterior accessories (think:  brand new front grille and bold new car doors), any driver can make the shell of the car look like new.  These types of upgrades aren’t always necessary, but if a simple paint job won’t do the trick, some of these body upgrades will.

Don’t Forget the Interior

If your brain’s too trained on your car’s exterior, you can lose focus and forget that you alone spend most of your time inside of your car, not outside of it.  Worn out upholstery, moldy floor mats, and malfunctioning dash gauges can all contribute to the dating of your car’s interior.  Freshening up the inside with an air freshener and new floor mats, as well as replacing worn upholstery with higher quality material, can make every drive you take much more enjoyable than the last.  If you really want to take your car into the modern age as well, don’t forget that digital dash displays and upgraded audio systems make a huge impact on people’s perceptions, more so than their actual use would imply.

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