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Tire Maintenance – 5 Common Mistakes

Today we’re going to learn a bit about Tire Maintenance. Do you find yourself doing more flat tires in a year? Do your car tires wear off too fast or uneven? Car-Addicts presents you five mistakes that may cause these problems.

A tire longevity is an issue that has begun to attract the attention of drivers around the world, especially during the difficult economic times we are experiencing. But few drivers know how to take care of their tires as indicated by tire manufacturers. From usage to storage there are dozens of mistakes that drivers could make thus dramatically reducing a tire’s lifetime.

Car-Addicts presents five simple tips that will ensure a long life to all your tires.

1. Tire Maintenance – Running with incorrect pressure

Learn more about Tire maintenance

Running with incorrect tire pressure

Studies shown that more than half of European drivers travel with a low tire pressure. Running in these conditions is fraught with disadvantages, but that does not push the European drivers to check their tire pressure more often. One of the problems is the fact that tires tend to lose pressure over time and ordinary drivers can not easily perceive these changes.

However, running with tires inflated below manufacturer’s recommended pressure causes increased wear, increased fuel consumption, increased drag, reduced braking performance, reduced stability in cornering and even increased risk of failure and explosions.

2. Tire Maintenance – Running with defective steering

Tire test - Tire maintenance

Running with defective steering

Periodically, drivers must monitor tire wear. Besides measuring tread depth layer and visual inspection of the tire for defects that could result in a failure, the driver needs to know if his tires are wearing evenly from side to side of the tread.

Thus, it is possible that a car with damage to the suspension or steering to present abnormal tread wear on the inside or the outside of his vehicle.

3. Tire Maintenance – Improper tire storage

How to store your tires

How to store used tires

Improper tire storage conditions can dramatically shorten the life cycle of your tires. It is recommended to store all tires in a cool dark place. Ideally, tires should be mounted on wheels and suspended on a special rack.

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If they are not mounted on rims, they must be stored vertically and manufacturers recommend rotating them regularly, although not subjected to any load except its own weight. If you buy used tires, ask how they were stored. In the absence of such information, avoid buying.

4. Tire Maintenance – Braking and sudden maneuvers

Rally car wearing tires

Braking and sudden maneuvers

In the image above we have a race car, ran by a driver on a track during a competition. Alain Menu, the pilot in this image, driving a Lacetti, locked his wheels by braking sharply, before going in a turn. This sudden maneuver led to increased tire wear on certain sections, which could lead to adhesion problems in the following laps. What happens when you do the same on the street? Your tires get damaged. An emergency brake will be drastically penalized by your tires. Besides, it endangers other road users, passengers and wastes fuel.

5. Tire Maintenance – Tire abuse

Tire abuse causes tire wear

Tire Abuse: Burnout is not a good idea

Situation in the image does not require much explanation, does it? I’m not sure if you own an AMG, if you do, please make a circle.By abuse we mean starting strong , doing a burnout and the famous “circles”. Whatever the circumstances of this abuse are, your tires are among the first to fail and are always “suffering”. Besides, it’s a pointless sacrifice. Take that girl for a ride! It’s way cheaper.

You’ve just learned – Tire Maintenance.

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