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Car Maintenance: Keeping Your Ride in Perfect Condition

Prevention is better than cure, and this is exactly the motto that should be the driving force behind your car maintenance schedule. Car maintenance and care should begin from day one, so there is very little repair required over time. You don’t need super mechanic skills to look after your car; all you need is a little time to make sure your precious machine is running perfectly.


Car Maintenance: Keeping Your Ride in Perfect Condition

Gone are the days when cars required an intense maintenance schedule over regular intervals of time. Today, the cars churning out from the automotive market are easier to keep up; they now require little or no hassle with oiling, lubrication, and tuning. Provided you keep checking on it after every couple of weeks, your car is as low-maintenance as any electric appliance at your home!

Every car needs a specific routine for its upkeep. Soon after you buy it, spend some time in understanding the design of your new car. Give it only the care it needs – not more, not less.

Here is your car maintenance 101 to help keep your beloved in pristine condition:

Choose the Right Oil 

Your car’s engine is suited to a specific octane, and giving it any more than that will not do you any good. You will not get greater mileage with higher octane oil, so choose the right oil for your engine. Not only will this prevent any useless expenditure on un-required higher octane, it will also keep your engine safe.

Tire Pressure and Rotation

Handling your vehicle tires is simple but tricky. Tires on the front and the rear of the vehicle deteriorate on a different rate, so they need to be rotated regularly to make up for the varying wear and tear. Every car has a different requirement for tire rotation. Keep the tire pressure intact to prevent wasting any fuel because of low tire pressure. Tires with lesser or overdone inflation also tend to weaken sooner.

Keep it Sparkling

This is the primary lesson of car upkeep; keep the car in spotless condition by cleaning both the interior and exterior. A thorough car cleaning service is recommended every time it completes 10,000 miles. A cleaner looking car is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also gets the owner a better price when selling it as a used vehicle. Get new ideas about decorating your car with the best tire rims and plate frames by finding a good product review.

Replace Wipers

This is one task that is ignored by many car owners. Wipers can wear out easily after a harsh spell of weather, so it is best that they be replaced every year. This leads to a cleaner looking screen which makes your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Check Battery

Car batteries these days do not require a great deal of maintenance. However, it is your duty to keep an eye on it to make sure there are no leakages of acid. The battery should also have adequate water.

Lastly, remember to polish your driving skills to perfection. A good driver means a well maintained car, and there will be little chance of having any accidents if you are vigilant. Keeping your car well maintained will not only lower the expense of repairing, but it will also prolong the life of the car and its engine.


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