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Best tips to reduce fuel consumption!

A real car addict is using his car at least a few times daily. When is comes to fuel consumption, all of us have different methods to reduce the gallons that vanish from our fuel tank while driving on the small city streets or even the highway. As the fuel prices, are always on an upward path, the most drivers think more and more often for methods that save fuel in the everyday traffic. Today we’ll try to put a list with some of the best ways to drive economically.

First, drivers must drive on lower speeds, it helps measure the fuel economy of around 10-15%. In addition, the driver must maintain a constant speed and use cruise-control function whenever the chance, be it highway or national road.

Another key element:  Acceleration and braking need to be made gradual. These actions conserve fuel and are also good for your other car parts such as brake pads or tires. Therefore, it’s very important that drivers anticipate the traffic conditions and adjust an adequate speed and distance.

Often it is important to check tire pressures before leaving the road. A fair amount of pressure can reduce fuel consumption by 3-4%. To find the amount that’s best for your tires you should check the information provided by the manufacturer on the door pillars.

Tip number three is about the way you start the engine. Experts say that you must start moving immediately without long pauses in which the engine is still running. Also, when waiting a turn for fast food or at a bank it’s better to stop the engine if you have to wait for more than 30 seconds.

Another great tip for reducing the fuel consumption refers to maintaining you car in “a great shape”. This means a proper wheel geometry, air and oil filters replaced in time and usage of fuel that is “appropriate” for your car.

The next measure to reduce fuel consumption is a smaller load of luggage, that’s right: leave the mother in law at home because that will save at least 5% the amount of gasoline or diesel used to run.

Even the hot summer won’t let us try this one, it’s recommended to use less air conditioning, as it’s overloading the engine. This should reduce fuel consumption by 10-15%. Ventilation is still recommended or parking in shady areas. Here, i must add my personal memories: I saw a few months ago the Discovery show called: Myth Busters. The guys tested this myth and they weren’t able to see that big of a difference while driving with the air control on or off. Still, i think there will be different results depending on the type of car you are using, etc. This also applies for the next method:

Closing windows at high speeds. An open window at speeds above 100 km/h decreases the aerodynamic coefficient and increases consumption. If you want to open a window do it at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Use a good car oil. Consult the instruction manual of the car and try to choose a product of good quality with high viscosity.

The last tip refers to the route you choose when you return from work or vacation. Must be a less congested route, during which you do not have to stop the engine, brake often and so on.

Drive safe and please add some other ways to reduce fuel consumption as a comment!

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